How a night goes from good to bad...

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  1. Okay so we get out of the first day of exams right and we decide to go to get me friend a bass guitar and blah blah its cool we get it right. We go to this resturant and they got hookas made out of watermelons and shit so we do that for like an hour. I'm like guys lets go to the headshop(tobbaco store really) and get some papers. We get there and I start asking the guy if he has any cool pipes and he shows me the granpa like no no you know like a special pipe. He asks if its for hash or tobbaco and im like hash(what they call all in Kuwait at the moment). He pulls out this bad ass tiny pipe and gives me all this free shit for it, like some of his home grown shit and im like hell yeah!!! I end up buying a rolling machine(GET ONE IF YOU AINT GOT ONE) and some king sized wraps and some rolling tobbaco. We go and smoke for like 3 hours on and off. At like 12 we go to my friends house and roll for later. We left at like 2am and we go back to the same area couse he left his phone which was crazy cause he found it! Then we sit on some steps and we start smoking the joints I rolled earlier...everything is going great when some cops stop like 100ft away from us so he is all like lets just go grab my bag and we walk off and eventually just go home. I got on the forums like an hour ago to show everyone my new shit and I open my bag and WTF!!!!!!! My box with the shit in it is not there!!!!!!:( I could cry right NOW!! I think I left it on the steps and there aint no way its still there!!!:( Now I got nothing to smoke and nothing to toke and im out 50 bucks...:( The earliest I can even possible go is tonight:( which for me is a long time right now cause this just killled my day because I dont think you guys realize how much this hurts, its taken me like 8 months to find a guy who can get me like bongs and stuff. But yeah I will get some pics up when I get the new stuff...

    Sorry the post is long
  2. Yo jack that sucks bro I wish you could find it. Well you never know it might be there, cross your fingers. JOE>
  3. things have a way of working out, you never no man. Anything could happen.
  4. That shiesty bills.
  5. ditto
  6. Okay so today I go back to the shop and the same guy is working so im like hey man I lost all my stuff and he's all like you were flying huh? So I tell him I need all the same stuff and this time he is like sorry that happened man you know what its only 6KD which is like $20!!!! Im like are you sure? He said it was a discount for are some pics :hello:
    Were going out tonight so I will get some milky shots.

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  7. Excellent man! glad everything worked out ok

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