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    Would anyone recommend 2 fans running on the same power cord? It should not be a problem right? This would safe any extra socket to be used. Don't you think? Anyway, is there anyone that would know how to do that? What V power cord should I get for that? Does a 24v exist?

    In a 2ftx1ftx3ft plastic cabinet box, what size intake and exhaust fan should be used to keep optimum climate? I was thinking 4" computer fan (used for intake) and 4" home depot intake fan (used as exhaust) converted into a homemade carbon filter. Run them maybe 23/7 without fan controls. Will be using pantyhose at the intake to prevent disease and contaminants from entering.

    The box does not seem like it is 100% light proof and I am still in the process of trying to figure out a way that I raise the percentage on that. Maybe a rubber strip between the doors. Where can I get mylar or like a white matte film? I am hoping that I can find that at an aquarium store or at least something similar to it.

    Let me know what you think. Any suggestions to improve would be great.
  2. only use fans to exhaust air... or you will have smell leaks...

    find mylar at a hydro store or HTGS

    you can hook two fans up to the same power strip

    make sure you have no light leaks.... build light traps
  3. Well, an intake would definitely help drastically with air circulation, which is what I am aiming for. Maybe add a carbon filter to that as well?

    What do you exactly mean by light traps. How would you do that?
  4. Your air intake needs to be passive. You want to create a pressure buildup so that a carbon filter can do its job properly. You want to control the odor 100%, so that means everything that leaves your grow needs to go through a carbon filter. That wont happen if you're pushing air in.

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