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How’s the weather?

Discussion in 'General' started by Two Scoops, Dec 25, 2017.

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  1. 65 according to my phone
  2. [​IMG] "Wind chill" is for TV talking heads and amateurs. Air temp is the important number.
  3. A lot cooler than we're used to, which is nice. Hope we get hit with another "cold blast" so that it stays like this longer lol. It's 70 right now.
  4. In the twenties with lots of snow on the ground.
  5. I can't wait to hit the ice. Perch fishing in lake Erie is amazing this time of the year.

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  6. A nice 38 *F !

    Melting some snow.
  7. In the 40s today, low 50s tomorrow. Feels hot! :D

    Reality coming back over the weekend.
  8. Was about 60º this morning. Nearly all the snow was gone.

    It is 17º now with a half-foot of fresh snow on the ground and still coming down.
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  9. 84 and sunny today. Got a little sun burnt.
  10. Man, come on. Lol it’s cold as hell in Chicago
  11. 31 deg F, freezing rain for the last 12hrs on top of 2ft of fresh snow, this old guy isn't going outside today!, Well unless a loaded armored car full of cash spills all over the road then I might...
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  12. 11" of snow on the ground, sun's out, a high of 13-14 today, probably below zero tonight.
  13. I wish I lived where you lives, nothing better then smoking in the snow.
  14. Why would you want to be outside in this crap? It's 9º outside, 75º inside. :eek:
  15. 68f and raining...
  16. it's cold.... ice cold
  17. Fuckin cold man and I'm only in North Carolina. But it's high noon and like 25 degrees outside and my fucking old ass apartment has shitty heat so it's 58 in here and i'm under 3 blankets freezing my ass off. can't wait til this lease ends lmao. florida sounds real nice right now...

    Not really. Wind chill can definitely make it feel colder and it does accelerate frostbite
  18. That's absolutely true. It does remove existing heat from anything more quickly than with no wind, but otherwise it means nothing.

    Was -6 F. here overnight, is up to a balmy +11 now. :eek:

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