How’s she looking?

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    Looking for opinions on these trichomes. 2 plants...2 pics each


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  2. trichomes looking good nearly there ,just a few clear trichomes need to turn white ,,and maybe a few need to turn amber if you like a bit of couch lock but not to much,mac
  3. Ok cool, that was my assessment, just wanted a second opinion. You think another week or two?

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  4. Depends. I check them every day or 2 at that point. They can take a week or 2 or they can do it in a couple days.
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  5. I think once I see the first amber trichome they’re getting chopped. Maybe before. If I have to sacrifice potency, so be it. I need this done. I have family coming in from out of state in a few weeks and by basement reeks

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