houston, we have a problem.

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  1. whats up ladies and gents?

    long time lurker, first time grower here.

    ive got a problem with my girl.. hew growth seems to have yellowing tips and the lower leaves (first full set) are very yellow and starting to rust.

    to me it looks like either nute burn or she is getting too hot

    but im not an expert, so thats why i could use any input or advice from you knowledgeable folks!


    medium: hydroton/bubble bucket

    nutes: GH 1/4 strength at the moment

    ambient temp: 75-80

    water temp: 70-75

    2 air pumps 2 airstones

    strain: white widow

    thanks again for any help.. this community is the best and has taught me SO much!

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  2. standard nutrient deficiancy up the nutes to atleast 1/2 strength and watch for tip burn or continued nute deficiancy and adjust accordingly.
  3. Thanks alot.. So the yellowing and rusting of those lower leaves dont look like light burn? Coulda swore. Ill bump up those ppms tonight

  4. no light burn looks different and will hurt the tops because its closer. you may have a slight light burn. but you cant tell untill you get the nute strength up

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