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Houston we have a problem..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by starsfordays, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. No seriously we do, just moved to Htown from Northern California and it's been offcially three weeks without trees and Im dying.......... Heres some background

    Obviously getting a hook-up online is near impossible and very stupid this is just to help out with general disscussion on where to/how/prices

    I live on the western side about 20-30 mins away from houston in a suburban town called, Katy. I personally didn't think it was going to be a big deal to find some trees here considering how much trees are talked about in Houston texas through media and such but OMFG KILL ME.

    Im just wondering where in this town does it get pushed the most? Main strains you guys see flow through here and such.. also how do they do on sativa strains? I deff dont want shwagg weed and I know its prob 20/g which SUCKSSS when Im used to paying only 10/g in the bay area.

    I just need to find something... soon!
  2. I live over in Baytown, a tad East of Houston. Yeah, it can be hard to find people in a town like Houston if you're new to the area. Eh, Schwag shouldn't be 20/g, I would say it's about 20/g for dank. The shit is not going to be cheap like it is in Cali. Strains? I can list a few strains to my dealers and they probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about.
  3. Thats what I meant 20/ g for dankkk but damn this blows. Do you think it'll be easy to ask around at my job? I'm a hostess and I am going to start applying around to resturants in the area on Monday but I mean are the houston people accepting to trees? Or is it going to be awkward... lol

  4. forgot to quote in the top comment sry ahah

  5. Not everyone is accepting of MJ, but I will tell you that where I work everyone smokes weed (and I mean everyone). I've smoked with my managers and supervisors on numerous occasions :hello:. Don't be afraid to ask around.
  6. i live in spring, bud is everywhere
  7. isnt texas a bitch when it comes to simple possession of marijuana?
  8. you are to trusting this guy sounds like old bill.
  9. Kids. For real. Just go around and ask some kids. They'll know, won't take more than 2-3 attempts at the most. Plus they won't rat on you and aren't cops.

    Houston keeps the bud on the low key. It's all around though. Katy isn't a bad area to start by cypress is right near you and is infested with pot

  10. Might I add that I'm a girl, and most people I've approached thought I was fucking with them.. :mad:
  11. Did anyone else notice how genius the thread title is? Nice job OP, very creative hahhah. Hope you get some good hookups. Best of luck and enjoy your new residence. Cheers!
  12. #12 DerekCA, Jul 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 14, 2012
    Texas SUCKS!!!!!!! I hated that state. Im in the bay you can come back and stay with me if you're DTF no rent just fucking.
  13. [quote name='"starsfordays"']

    Might I add that I'm a girl, and most people I've approached thought I was fucking with them.. :mad:[/quote]

    Hm. Tell them you'll roll a j for them or something and take the first puff. And don't get discouraged, its out there.
  14. Haha thank you! :hello:

  15. DOWN. Lol jk, thanks for the offer I'd love to be back in the bay but stuck here for now :(
  16. haha free weed and dabs! Im sorry your stuck in TX

  17. Yeah I used to live in San Ramon, the suburbs, east bay.. and it was easy as shit to get trees there. Its just depressing being here and not getting anything lol
  18. Gotta love the SR in and out!Yeah Im in the east bay too Walnut creek is super nice the whole bay area is

  19. OH HELL YEAHHH. First time I got high, went to that exact in and out :smoke:

    Seriously so happy you know where SR is, made my fucking day haha. Walnut creek is greaaat! Used to have a bomb ass dealer who went to Northridge HS, an eigth for 20 gotta love the bay!
  20. I live in katy, it's not hard. The high schools are flooded with it.

    You live next to one of the biggest weed areas in houston. Take S Mason to Katy-Hockley over to cypress one day and look around. Or just take a GPS route to Cy-Fair HS and start around that area.

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