Houston we have a (mould?) problem!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    In week 11 of my first grow. This girl is a GG#4 Auto, grown indoors - with farily consistent challenges around environment (mainly RH).

    She's being flushed and nearly ready to harvest, although I made what I think is a terrible discovery this morning. The main cola (a part of it anyway) looks like it's got stuff growing in it... looks like dense spider webs (it's not) or mould. Hard to capture on film but I've tried in the pics.

    It's happened where there would have been moisture for a long time - right in the chunkiest part. It's so sticky in there, do dense.

    I freaked out and chopped that part of the plant off. I assume it can't be fixed and would only spread/get worse. There is lots of black bits now that I take another look too.

    What should I do? antyhing?

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  2. Just had a look under the micro and she is about 20% cloudy trichomes. rest are clear.

    argh!! this has happened literally a few days before harvest. I'll check out every inch of her for remaining issues/mould...
  3. Are you doing any kind of pest control? Check your buds thoroughly for caterpillars. BT is a product used by many of us to get rid of mold.
  4. Oh yea dude, time for emergency measures. You did the right thing. Dry it out in there quick, get your humidity way down. Run a fan, run a dehumidifier. You might want to harvest some good parts immediately and start drying.

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  5. Hi, no pest control as this is literally the first issue I've had. I've been keeping a really close eye out for issues.

    So I have basically cut out the mould (is that what it is? can you tell?) and inspected the rest of the plant. I see no other similar issues. Should I just keep an eye on her? She'll be chopped on or before next saturday I think.
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  6. Yes that's definitely mold and I'm betting you a caterpillar problem. They will burrow deep into the top of the nugs, making it VERY difficult to see them. Unless you've been over watering (getting water on the actual plant itself instead of just the soil) or you've had a bunch of rain, this is usually the problem.
    Might be a bit late in your case since you haven't applied anything, but yeah I'd go ahead and cut out any mold that you see. If you plan on harvesting in a week, keep a CLOSE eye on that plant for any new mold. You may have to pull early.
    Best of luck :)
  7. Yea cut any mold out. Try not to spread it or disturb it or cross contaminate. It spreads really easy on even slightly damp flowers. Try not to touch it at all and drop it straight in a bag, tie it off, and dump it. That stuff is a real problem in tents and greenhouses where humidity can stay high just from wet soil evaporation. You might want to cut off watering to help.

    You will have to keep an eye on it and remove any other problem areas.

    You can avoid it with higher air circulation & lower humidity.

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  8. My bet is you have other spots deeper in the nugs you haven't seen. It can hide out pretty good.

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  9. Not going to clip any "good parts" yet... will just keep a daily / very close eye on her - and keep the humidity way down (it drives the temp up, so need to find the balance).
  10. Yeah looks like mold and there are no signs of pests
  11. wow caterpillars can cause mold?
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  12. It grows fast , in a blink it will kill off pieces of flower rendering it useless

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  13. Bud rot

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  14. I'll keep a very very close eye on her. Would I be able to see the caterpillars? I haven't seen any pests.

    She is currently being flushed, 1.5l of plain water each day. Should I cut that off?

    Working on getting the humidity back to 40% and stable. Hopefully don't have to chop early as she's so close!!
  15. Keep the humidity as low as you can and back off watering, weed can take it pretty dry especially late stage it won't hurt it, and if there is already mold especially.

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  16. I'm trying to get deeper in the nugs without cross contaminating.. so being careful, but I cannot see a hint if any mould, discolouration etc. Have gone right to the bottom of the nugs. Hope I got it all (was careful but hopefully not spread it). Popped it straight into a sealed container. Such a chunky nug, how sad.
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  17. Yea I once lost a nug the size of my arm because water dripped in a crack on the greenhouse for a three day rain storm. It's a bummer but such is the cost if a learning experience.

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  18. There is another plant next to her (indoor tent btw), and she is in week 5 of flowering but much taller and spread out (less congestion for moisture etc). She's still on full watering/nutes - for at least another week or so.

    Is watering her going to cause problems? I can certainly stop watering the one that had mould.
  19. Ouch, that hurts.

    So the RH is now a stable 40%, temp about 28-29c.

    I removed about half that big nug where Icould see the mould. I have tried to dig down a bit into her to see if htere is any more, but I can't see any.... am I cool to leave it (closely monitored) ir should I just cut that nug out completely to be safe?

  20. Hi again. She's running at 41%, 26c. That's the lowest I can get the humidity while also keeping temp in check.

    Since I stopped watering here 36 hours ago or so, I've noticed a very significant change. She was strong and perky before - strong branches, leaves, all standing up.

    Now, most the leaves around the outside are extremely limp. Pointing at the floor. I can feel a significant difference in her strength, the branches aren't as rigid.

    I think she's really missing the water :( What do you think? many of her main buds are so close to harvest... 3-4 days tops I'd say. The ohters around the outside are gonna need some more time.

    WHat should I do? She was getting HEAPS of water before. Go back to a regular schedule but less water each time?


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