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Houston tx

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tortdad, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Anyone from H-town :)

    Excited noob grower
  2. Not quite, I’m around the Austin area. There’s a lot of Blades from Houston tho

    You starting your first grow?
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  3. Reported. Hook ups are against the rules.
  4. Apologies, will happily disengage
  5. And being an undercover cop:roflmao:

    When ANYONE on GC has a hookup request, I’m just like, “COP” even if it’s a mod:lmafoe::lmafoe:
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  6. Guess again, but I understand the skepticism, withdrawn
  7. Lol. Not looking for any hook ups just curious to how many peeps are in my town.... yes, it’s mine!

    Excited noob grower
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  8. Yeah been spending the last couple weeks researching tents, Lights... mediums and growing techniques.

    I’m building my own grow box, start on it tomorrow in fact. 2x4x6

    I’ve decided to grow in coco and get a photo as my first instead of an auto. Going to grow 2 at a time... FIM and scrog them babies for best yields

    That’s the plan anyways. I’ve still got research to do.. got to decide which nukes to get.. order the 2 mars lights I want and pick the seeds.

    Excited noob grower

  9. Not you dude the other person who replied asking for a hook up lol
  10. Nice man! Growing is fun, and quite therapeutic in my opinion. Just read, read, read. If your head starts to hurt, stop for a little while. Shit you read makes a billion times more sense when you get even a little experience under your belt. You can read and learn everything online to get a kickass baller first grow! People will say you automatically will fuck up your first grow, it’s not true it just means they did. The hardest part for new growers is patience. It won’t make a whole lot of sense until you get balls deep into flowering and the colas look frosty and delicious. Good luck on your first grow, it’s not as hard as a lot of people will make it seem
  11. They call it a weed for a reason. Should be easy enough to get what I need. I don’t need massive yeilds. Just enough for me. I broke my back, crushed my pelvis.. wrist... foot and broke a bunch of ribs a while ago. I hate narcotics now and I was surprised how much smoking has helped me. Just got to get this costs down. Why wife takes a bunch of pills for anxiety too so she smokes with me from time to Time too. She’ll smoke more once we’re growing. She just knows ho bad I need it and how much it costs so she don’t take my meds. I only smoke at night after a long day and got the kids in bed.

    Excited noob grower
  12. You’re definitely right, it’s called weed for a reason! Damn man that’s crazy, I’m sorry to hear about that. I hope your recovery has been going smooth and quick. You should look into caps/ tinctures if you need that serious pain relief. There’s also the higher CBD strains too

    If you don’t mind me asking, what happened? Did you get in a car accident? If it’s too personal a question, I will calmly and politely fuck off lol
  13. Motorcycle accident, got hit head on

    Excited noob grower
  14. Holy shit man... I can even imagine what that’s like... glad you survived and still kicking. I hope you recover as quick as possible and good luck in your grows, may they be potent and bring you the best meds around
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  15. That’s what I’m hoping too

    Excited noob grower

  16. NORTH HOUSTON in the building.

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