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(Houston, TX) Scud, Sweet Tooth, White Widow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DankNug420, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. #1 DankNug420, Aug 31, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 3, 2010
    The dank in Houston has been getting crazy, along wtih the prices last summer we wer paying anywhere from $400-420 and some even crazier prices in the 500 range, while now i've seen prices as low as $320. And for weed like this you'd be crazy to not pay that (i mean unless you have medical or are in canada) This is my second pickup post hopefully you enjoy the nugs as much as i did. :bongin: (Sorry about pic size i'm too high to resize.)

    [Scud] $375 an oz


    [Sweet Tooth] $320-$350 (depending on the day and how the dude is feelin.)

    [White Widow] $350 an oz.
  2. loving the strains man, ST is def one of my favorite strains i ever smoked.
  3. I love the pics man, the widow looks similar to what ive had.

    Sweet tooth looks so good :smoke:
  4. They were all good. The scud and the sweet tooth has been comin around so heavily lately. I'm lucky to have a few friends high up in the dank food chain.
  5. man where are you finding it for around 350, ive been gettting that sweettooth aswell
  6. Yea man looks dank! That sweettooth has been everywhere around here for a few weeks now.
  7. I stay over here in league city. got all these rich kids with good weed.
  8. Oh yeah sweet tooth is def one of my top strains
  9. great looks buds at a decent price. Pics are wayyyy to big but its alright
  10. Ha, damn man im here in seabrook. Your right down the road, and i pickup from a guy that way. no wonder
  11. I used to get some dank shoreline over in seabrook. But I just picked up a quarter of the scud I'll have pics up tonight.
  12. A+++ dank, as well as the prices. My guy has been taxing ($450+/oz.).
  13. Doughboy where in the city do you stay at?

  14. Humble
  15. More Scud :hello:
    Anybody from Houston will tell you that it is an absolute gift when this strain comes through, and now that i met the grower I will be having this all the time.
  16. what no love for the new pictures?
  17. Good shit man!:hello: I'm in the H too! Wish you could hook me up, I wouldn't hesitate to pay $375 on O. What part of Houston you in??
  18. I'm on the southside, in the clear lake area. where you at?
  19. I'm kinda southwest Houston, Missouri City. Pretty dry for good weed at decent prices around here. Still lookin for a hookup.:mad:
  20. Damn those are some purdy nugs. I actualy got some shit a few days ago from a dude in pasadena, and damn my friend. This shit looked like it was covered in sand it was so kiefy.

    Glad to see some good shit around here :)

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