houston, texas:)

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  1. hello, my name is jacey! i live in west columbia, about an hour away from houston. ummm.. i pretty much love to smoke and dont ever see myself quitting lol i have no reason to:) my parents keep finding my shit and throwing it away its very annoying!! but yea im new here so i guess message me if u would like to talk!
  2. Hey Jacey, I'm from Houston too and I just wanted to welcome you to the City. The next blunt I smoke will be in honor of my new friend, you! ;)
  3. haha sweet, wish i could share that blunt with you!! im runing low at the moment and going CRazyy!! ugh
  4. cool

    welcome to the city
  5. Humble here! Welcome
  6. damn dude i live a jump and a skip away from humble (kingwood)
    welcome to theCity!
  7. start hiding your shit better :)
    Welcome tom the city.
  8. damn, small world. i stay in walden but going to moving to woodforest on beltway 8. did you go to humble?
  9. Humble/Houston/Missouri City here lol. Welcome to the city.:smoking: I had no idea there were so many people from around my area on here. Who's down for a sess lol?:hello:
  10. Im from houston too.
    Houston is home to a variety of Green Fiends.
  11. welcome. anyone around clear lake?
  12. Cypress here.. Welcome to the city!!!

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