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Houston Texas Prices?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sceaspit11, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. im moving around the suburbs of houston in texas soon (i dont exactly know where), and i was wondering how much bud went for there (Dank and mids) in usual increments (Dime,gram,half eighter, eighter, quarter, half o, ounce, etc)?
  2. For the good stuff you are looking at $60-$70 for an eighth, $120 for a fourth, that's all I know, as far as the shwag I couldn't tell ya. Anyway good luck to you!
  3. lol over 60$ an eighth?????

  4. Yeah were not as lucky as the coloradians lol, but look around for growers instead of dealers, there aren't and mids, it's either dro or schwag, and schwag starts about $2 a g and $60 an o.
  5. Yup, usually if it's name brand then the dealer has an excuse to up the price. Sometimes I wish I lived in Cali where everything was name brand...But noooooo I live in Texas.

  6. Tried that for a couple of month's and moved back lol, errythings jacked up, carb is retarded, and I don't get stopped for just walking down the sidewalk here.
  7. Whaaaaat? I'm about 30 miles north of downtown and I'm gettin $30-$40 eights and $70-$90 quarters all day every day. :smoking:
  8. Really? I'm also 30 miles north and I guess I'm not as cool cuz I pay more lol
  9. It depends. If you're going to a street dealer it would probably break down into 20-15$ a g no matter how much you buy. So 20 a g. 60-70 an eighth, 120-140 a quarter. If you got the hook-up 8-15 dollars a g depending on how much you buy. 15 a g. 50 a eighth, 70-80 a quarter, 110-130 half , 200-250 an oz ect. Or something like that :) It really all depends on who you know and how much you buy.
  10. sounds about right.. 1/8 for 60 for primo stuff , not hard to find around here
  11. 60 for a 1/8th and 320-400 an oz of the super dank but can't find shake or trim to make bho :(
  12. This is the reference I use, but I've found I'm cuttin deals since I'm growing my supply and not putting out that money to try and get back,

    1 lb = 16 oz
    1 lb = 448g
    1 oz = 28 g

    Oz - 28 g - $375
    1/2 - 14 g - $180
    1/4 - 7 g - $100
    1/8 - 3.5 g - $50
    1 - 1G - $15

  13. These are the correct prices but the bud better be amazing
  14. Lol yep it is, im growing the name brand Cali stuff, not this no-name popcorn quality shit, here down south
  15. wow i feel spoiled 50$ will get me a quart oz in cali
  16. This is far from Cali
  17. bho is hard for people to find hash in houston, i remember my previous dealer couldnt find any.. my new one though has some bubblehash a bit pricey though and i prefer buds better!
  18. Quarter pound range from $950-1000 in my area southwest houston
  19. i live in houston/spring, i pay 20g, 55 1/8, and 100 qtr.

  20. How's the dank over there?

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