Houston Suburbs Smoking?

Discussion in 'General' started by JayRadical10, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Hey what's up? So i might be moving to Houston and wanna know the general prices and how uptight the city is on smoking green?:smoke: Thankks
  2. there is alot of dank in houston, it just has to be found. dank is 20 a g usually, ive had a bunch of different strands in the past year, there is alot of purple in houston too. schwag is abundant as well, its usually 40 a zone, 115 a QP, etc. what part of houston are you thinking of moving to?
  3. I think something called the woodlands or something? I really have no idea but ive heard them talking bout that place alot
  4. No bullshit when I say this - If you're going to move to a part of houston move to a white area. The white areas all have the dankest weed, no BS.
  5. i live in the woodlands its northern houston we do have pretty dank shit all the time and scwhag if you want it, cops are pretty big on it, but they won't really bother you
  6. no shit man i live in the woodlands...thats pretty bomb well the dank is pretty nice here
  7. Damn, I wonder how many of us Woodlands tokers are on here...
  8. shit i go often to my parents in the woodlands hehe
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    im driving around houston all the time, from missouri city in the southeast, to 610 north to i-10 by downtown, i chill in the heights off 5th street(kinda ghetto, be careful out there) alot. theres so much dank in houston, its just expensive if you dont know people. i just love the city of houston...i love driving through 610/i-10/59 just smoking sweets, looking at the view of houston, hitting up the galleria, theres just so much shit to do so much dank/reg to be found, its amazing.

  10. im in the woodlands too.( less than 5mins ) Dank is abundant, cops are looking for it. If caught, you will be punished.

    The woodlands is one of the nicer areas in the greater houston area.

    Just be prepared to get lost a couple of times everything will look the same at first.

    It's a small town, so be expecting usual "small town behaviors" if you go there.

    And yeah, what invictis said. Try and make some good friends or something because if you don't know the right people in this area, you will pay for it.

    You'll still get high quality, good herb. But you'll pay an extra 5er or so ( sometimes more depending on quantity ) If you don't know the person.
  11. shit people thats my hood too! damn I didn't think that many people from the houston are was on gc. I'm impressed! And ya we got tha fucking dank.
  12. hell yeah, i got connects all over houston, southside missouri city/sugarland area, downtown heights area/northside spring FM 1960 area, shit i even know some people out in katy -- theres always dank to be found. im having trouble finding bars atm though, which is weird because i know 3 people that sell them steadily and theyre all out for a while.
  13. what is bars atm? a type of strain?
  14. bars atm=xanax bars at the moment.

  15. well I grew up in northeast houston ( humble and northshore). Dank is plentiful and so is schwagg and everything in between. Being next to mexico helps a lot too. Its not that hard to find anything. Just hang aroud the malls and strip centers, UH, concerts, rockets games, etc. The cops are really tolerant. Most are focused on large quantites coming in from mexico and across I-10. I got stopped with two blnts last year and he made me throw it down the gutter. When asking around, just try to be honest and don't haggle ppl. If that person does'nt have it then move on. I have never gotten a bad reaction, at most a surprised look.
  16. you're lucky, i know so many damn people that have been arrested in Houston -- any of the cops ive encountered would be more than happy to take me to jail for 2 blunts, even a few stems would get me in cuffs. and if you're rolling with a minority, you're automatically getting searched.
  17. i grew up in katy/houston and just moved to the galleria area. i got pulled over last week with my bud an his dumbass let the cop search his bag with some weed in it. this was in katy at the mall...so we thought we were off to county, but the dude let us go with a paraphernalia charge. that was pretty lucky though, cops are usually douches out here. but anyways like everyone else said, there is plenty of herb you just have to locate it.
  18. Yo..I I just moved to Katy.. Got a hookup in cyridge.. Lookin for somethin In katy.. Pretty uptight town though
  19. well i live around i-10ish and i havent come across any really good bud
    except blue satellite, and urkle
  20. i'm around the med center/west u area can't find shit, my connect has been out for like 6 weeks, and i'm goin nuts, but they've had some pretty good stuff in the past, trainwreck the best i've had so far.

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