Houston Smokers

Discussion in 'General' started by caraudio420, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. How many of you are from Houston?

    North Houston (Spring, TX) here
  2. spring tx real nice man. i'm in the memorial area
  3. conroe here

  4. I was born there lol
  5. Nw Houston here, around cypress area
  6. West siiide mother fucker. Represent!
  7. born in the inner loop livin in 512 now
  8. Was a H-town smoker.
    Now a MD smoker.
  9. I went to Memorial HS...it would be weird if we knew each other
  10. South Austin here.
  11. Katy here.
  12. West Houston 713
  13. [quote name='"Purplenugz"']Nw Houston here, around cypress area[/quote]

    Cypress all day!
  14. was from cypress/jv area now in west houston middle of the fucking city
  15. Southside we roll on chrome
  16. west little york rd in da building lol

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