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Houston Pickup Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fryfry, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Hi guys, I've been lurking for quite some time here and wanted to contribute something so here's some pics of my last pickup. It was a little leafier than I'd like but had a really unique smell and taste we have all enjoyed (everybody compared it to potpourri which is pretty accurate). That's just barely over an O in the jar there.

  2. Looks like some flame man if they did a better trim job it would look excellent
  3. Yeah, it's fantastic bud. I can't figure out why whoever grew it didn't give it that last bit of extra love.
  4. Nice lookin herb. Trimming is very very time consuming and tedious work. Esp with regular scissors. Could be a medical reason also. Couple growers I help have MS an parkinsons which makes trimming almost impossible for them. Least it's some crystally lookin leaf. can always moisten the herb up with a orange peel or somethin an trim off rest of em if ya wanted.
  5. The store that I work at sells those same jars, but i thought they sucked so I bought a mason jar. How well does it do in terms of smell?
  6. That purple looks pretty nice. I picked up a jar just like that from bc off of westheimer, works great for smell
  7. nice buds man, houston buds are dankiest!
  8. great buds dude

    and hello from a fellow h town smokeer:wave:
  9. nice H-Town bud man. :p
  10. What's up guys! Glad to see we have so many Houston folks here. :D

    Some Sweet Island here. The buds are so fluffy and light that an egg-sized nugget only weighs about two grams. Excellent smooth smoking stuff.

    Big picture if you want it:

  11. Lookin nice n dense.
  12. Hell yeah dude. My friend just moved back up here from houston.
    Brought some bomb ass OG Kush it was awesome

    All i know is, in houston and dallas theres tons of drugs!
  13. Hi guys, just had to add another pic.

    This is the densest I've ever bought. My ounce looked more like a quarter. Very tasty and is almost "too strong" for my buddies (not that anybody complained).

    I wish I had a name for it but I don't!

  14. Damn what part of houston are you from?
  15. looking good man. :D
  16. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAT! That is the densest shit i have ever seen in my entire life.......we don't get any of that shit HWY 6 and FM 529
  17. That purple looks insane. Nice.
  18. Did you get that around the woodlands and was it called lemon drop

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