Houston Mary Jane Rally

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SlowBurn, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I sure wish we could get a well organized MJ rally in Houston soon.... They have em' in Austin every so often but I would love to see thousands of Texans coming together in the Bayou City.

    Anybody have any ideas on organizers that might be interested? Business supporters and donors? How hard would it be to get a permit?
  2. Didn't know that much token goes on down there w/ur stringent laws and soo...
  3. Didn't know that much token goes on down there w/ur stringent laws and soo...Got relatives out there, is it hard 2 come by?
  4. We have many quiet smokers and growers. I have lived in Austin and Houston and it's as prevelant here as anywhere. We just don't seem to feel brave enough to be as open about it as they may be in say CA, OR or maybe CO.

    But I really only started smoking daily again about 6 months ago and already I have 3-5 sources to pick from at any given time. It took me a while but once one hit the others followed. The only problem is that I only get the high end fire every 3 outa 10 times...the rest of the time it's low to high mids.

    And they come from all walks of lfe. I would say like most my friends we are upper-middle class professionals with young families. Not quite too far gone not to have plenty of tattoos and our share of fun but we ain't smokin schwag neither....you know? lol...

    I think if the right organizations and radio stations got involved, there would be a great turnout. I think it should be less a stoner convention and one where real political protest (and of course smokin) is goin on.
  5. Texas = a decent selection very good bud (depending on who you know) + crap loads of mexican brick weed, aka shwag (no matter who you know).
    San Antonio, Houston and Austin ahe the first stops past border security from Mexico to the rest of the US and Austin is a town full of dirty hippies growing weed all over the place! I love Texas, YeeHaw!
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