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Houston Here We Come!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, been doing that four letter word and it looks like we're Houston bound in a week or so.

    So anyone in Houston BC that goes to the didn't think they'd let us in the States did you.

    It seems this other Houston has the biggest Fly Fishing Rod in the “world”. They Also say they are the "Steelhead Capital of Canada". Do any of you think I'll be fishing in the near future...of coarse after that four letter word.
  2. HIGH All, well found out we'll be leafing Sunday morning and will be gone for 3 weeks....I know Rocdog will miss me!!! And of coarse Woodbug...this is going to be the longest we have spent apart...being without the family is a killer...I tell you...the ole' sperm sack'll be hanging low and dragging by the time I hit the Island and ready for some rough six *LOL*.

    Rocdog is telling me to get O.F.F.F. the City and come get her buzzed.....see ya in a few my fellow lovers of what we All love!!!!
  3. I knew that fishing was going to be a part of this post!!lol

    Enjoy your time when your there.. Nothing like a little relaxation after work!
  4. Man fishing stoned. Thats great fun. unoit Whats the biggest fish you cought when you were stoned and what type was it.
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    HIGH All, hey Ganjaman7847 that's a good you got me thinking. I have pictures of Salmon close to 50 pounds and Halibit wieghting 30 pounds Steelhead 20 pounds+...But my biggest and most memorable fish was useing a Ultrilight rod and reel with 9 pound test and catching a 50 pound+ Spring (tyee) in the river we live by. Of coarse no pics so it's one of those fishy tales you hear of.

    In 1990 I watched a kid from Calgary Alb. catch and win the Diawa Derby with a 61 pound Spring (Chinook Salmon) O.F.F.F. the Argonaut Wharf.

    Living in the Salmon Capital of The World and going to work in the Steelhead Capital of Canada. What more could a person want.
  6. Man those are big fish. The fish around here are all small. The rivers have some great tasteing fish though.
  7. HIGH All, aaahhh it one thing you have on me Ganjaman7847 I don't eat anything that has scales on ask me to go fishing and I'd kill to go in a minute, it's one of those thing that you knew you were born to do to...I've guided professionally (Painters Lodge) and guided some nice people into big's why I have to get some of you City smokers here...everyone has to catch at least one of these magnificent fish or close to it.
  8. I agree with you. Its great fun when you get a fish on the hook. Exspecialy the BIG ones. The ones down here are small but are very hard to catch. Brook trout. One bait that I have been using is these drogon fly larva that you find in the water.
    here's a picture of one....

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  9. Im from Houston. It kicks ass. Anything that has to do with the outdoors around here is big. The rodeo is huge, so is hunting, big ass trucks and country music. But it also has the regular big city life. Im not orginally from Texas so im not quite like the people from around here. hehe
  10. Men and their "big fish" stories!!!!!;)

    Have fun, Unoit! You deserve to let that sperm sack hang low!!!!! :D Love ya, man!

  11. HIGH All, *LOL* I tell you rmjl Rocdog has caught some big tails that some men would be proud of *LOL*.

    Woodbug's B-Day tomorrow and I won't be here...(has a sad face on) and Tucker'll be a monster when I see him next.

    Ok my friends I'm out of here and hitting the sack....I know 9:13 on a Saturday's a 3 hour ride to the ferry then 2 hours to cross to the mainland then a 14 hour drive up to this place they call Houston BC and we are going to be mmmmmmmm pooped *LOL* All be good now ok.

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