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Houston Bud pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blazzinginhtown, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. A thread to post pictures of the bud you picked up for everyone in the Houston area. I picked up some super dank orange crush

  2. gotta love having a good-sized nug. nice pickup man
  3. Nice I'm from h town and I got some platinum bubba kush
  4. dank nug, brah
  5. nice lookin nug makes me wanna get off my ass to find me something like this :)
  6. I just saw a pound of that same bud about a week ago. Where u at in Houston? I'm up in the NW by tomball, check of some of my recent pictures
  7. Nice buds man! and weed of course :smoke:
    I picked up this OZ of Orange Kush for 280$ in the North East of Houston.


    No flash.

    I've also had a Quarter of Medicinal Alaskan Kush from California i'll try to find it and post it.
  8. man all this pictures looks amazing great pickup bro cant wait till i can get my hands on something like that
  9. What's an eighth usually go for around here? I just moved to sugar land from new york and ny prices are stupid if you don't know the right people.
  10. i get 0's of og kush for 250$  and O's of grape for 240$
  11. I haven't seen any orange in sehtown, in a while. Been having skimpy pickins lately in the SE Clear Lake area.

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