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Houston Blue Cheeze pick-up!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by KushLightHead, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. What you guys think?

    Blue Cheeze:


  2. looks good
  3. This is some sticky icky!

    Btw 3.9 nug
    Close up:

  4. Thats a heavy indica
  5. 160 half an O

  6. I decided to mix my blunt this time with the left over purp haze and with this lets see the outcome..
  7. Damn, nice. I got some Dutch Cheese recently and I have to say I really like the funky, cheese-y taste. I imagine yours tastes the same

    looks dank too
  8. jeeze, i've been looking for bud here in the woodlands for the past 3 days... no luck.. blue cheese looks delicious tho
  9. I don't know man. That really doesnt look that geeat. Pretty weak thc coverage for a top notch strain. This is my blue cheese for comparison.
  10. agreed.. the bud does look kinda on the flaky side.. i've just never had blue cheese.. tried EVERYTHING else, just not blue cheese..

  11. They didn't much of a good trim job on it and I left it last night in the jar to cure since the dealer said to leave it in there because it needed a couple of more time. But ehh then again this was a new dealer that I got it from your bud..looks bomb bro!

  12. Well now you know he's not that legit... getting semi cured commercial and slapping a name on it. As long as the price is fair.

  13. Yea he was a connect from someone else but either way he did hook me up on getting good size nugs rather than shit from the bottom like other dealers be doing.
  14. i'm gonna break the rules but YOOOOOOOOOOOO someone PLEEEEASE help me with finding the green.. woodlands area.. :(
  15. everyones prolly like "this *****s a cop" lmao.. i'm not and if theres a way i can prove it...
  16. Bro i'd rather you edit your post and put something else! You have to look around good your at WOODLANDS nothing but bomb weed flows through over there but finding people should be easy.
  17. my bad dudes, been searching for days, and no luck. and ive been chiefin' for 3 years... like wtf

  18. I'll tell you the taste when I smoke it again today because last night that mini blunt with this and left over purp haze really did have me in a deep ass sleep lol

  19. i'd recommend going to a smoke shop but thats all im going to say i'm not trying to get banned from here bro.

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