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Houses in America

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sidious, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Well i've allways wanted to live in America...maybe not forever but at least for a few years in the future....i love the way it big houses with big gardens and big wide roads and big American muscle cars like cameros and firebirds.....oh and the best of them all 1967 ford of course....if you know what i mean? games at your friends house and getting the boys round to watch the match or baseball.....i'd love to play catch with someone, i have a mit and ball from the states but nobody here plays it!! how much does a 2 bedroom house cost, with like a front and back door and a half decent garden.....i know prices vary, but where i stay a 2 bedrrom flat goes for £35,000-£50, what are the prices like where you stay, and where do you stay?....(rough prices)......Peace out....Sid
  2. Where I'm from, the SE USA, you can buy a brand new 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath, living room, kitchen, dining room, two car garage (1600 sq feet heated and cooled space) with a small yard for $75-95,000 US.

    I sold a house 3 year ago for $80,000. It was 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, 1650 sq feet. It was an older home, circa 1930 in a cottage/bungalow neighborhood. Small lot but landscaped in the english cottage style. The neighborhood according to the real estate agent was going downhill and home sells since then have gone down.

    If you want to build a home $80 a sq. foot will build you a nice, nice home not counting buying the land @ $3000 to $10000 an acre.
  3. :( well over here at the moment you'd easily pay approx £10-15,000 for a plot...that's like £15,000...£25,000 or something like for the building of the it would be approx £80, £100,000 which = like nearly £200,000....that's for a good house in a nice enough location.....Peace out...Sid
  4. yeah america kicks ass
  5. i'd really love to go to a baseball or American football would be like a whole day dogs and shit.... a few beers.....hell even a "waste disposal" that thing that looks like a sink but you put like food in looks so cool....bars where people wear cowboy hats and bud and playing a few racks of pool....that would be so cool....Peace out....Sid....hell my own swimming pool.....over here you could have an outside pool full of rain water.....Peace out.....Sid
  6. If you decide to come to the USA come live in Los Angeles, California. Probably the best city in my book, and i'm not just saying that because i live in L.A. We got the best weed and best looking girls, party until you can't party anymore.
  7. I went to LA once, place called diamond bar, got arrested after just 16 hours and "asked" to leave by the local LA police, but hey! nice place for what i saw!

  8. WOW... I never realized how much I took for granted until I read this post. There's no hot dog better then one that you get at a baseball game. LOL...the garbage disposal. Funny, Sid!

    Bring your mitt to America and we'll all get together at Bud Head's and play some catch, watch some ball, drink some beers and smoke ALL THAT WEED THAT HE HAS TOO MUCH OF...LOL!!!!
  9. just thought i'd put in some of the prices in the NE U.S... around my area houses are usually 3 or 4 bedroom "levittowners" and go for about $120K + if ya live in the richer area's like newtown, yardly, or upper/lower makefield expect to pay anywhere from $200K all the way up to $1 million +... houseing around here is so expensive it's ridiculous.

    there are 2 bedroom houses for pretty cheap... but they're more so in the worse neighborhoods

  10. You should see the house prices in south-east England at the moment. They wanted £350,000 (US$500,000+) for this shitty three-bedroom with no garden in a dodgy-looking area. For that money I could buy a six-bedroom mansion with a swimming pool in Australia. Damn this crowded little island!
  11. It depends. LA a tiny house with no lawn's about $300,000. Here in TN a nice house with about 3 acres would be like $250,000. That's huge, like 5 bedrooms. A nice decent sized one acre house'd be like $50-100,000. I want to live in Boston or NY though. In a townhouse, they're awesome but damn expensive...

  12. It is about the same way around middle TN.

    You can buy a new house from 85,000-10 million us dollars around here. Depends on where it is and how much land!
  13. Especially in Green Hills and Brentwood...
  14. Bring your mitt to America and we'll all get together at Bud Head's and play some catch, watch some ball, drink some beers and smoke ALL THAT WEED THAT HE HAS TOO MUCH OF...LOL!!!!

    i'd love that...we could go down to the local field and have a game with all the fellow blades and would be sooo where the hell does all that stuff go when it goes down a waste disposal machine??.....Peace out...Sid
  15. oh and my g/f's brother bought a house just 1 stop from canary wharf in London....2 bedrooms and it cost £500,000....that's like over $800,000 us dollars.....and it's no bigger than mine....mine was only £35,000....madness to live in London.....Peace out....Sid
  16. If You want to come, I really hope you make it.
    It's all but impossable to get a 2 bedroom in US 3 br, 2 bath, is industry standard[better resale value], and has been since 60's.more like 4br, 3 bath now.
    We are the most waisteful society in the world. I've helped to build 10 br, 7 bath houses, with double beams,and decking everywhere,2x 10 studs through-out for 2 people. I've installed a shower [several] with 8 to 10 shower heads , 2 inch feed lines and 70 psi inline pumps, that cost as much as $20,000 for 1 bathroom's fixtures, and used enough water to wash a herd of cows.
    I have built several buildings with leftover lumber from 1 big job, and have many boardfeet of exotic lumber, I've pulled from dumpsters.
    I've personally owned street cars[69 camaro with maxed out 396 30 over, 71 challenger with 340+30, and '68 camaro 302 nitrous-oxide/fuel injected, and vega with 302 chevy{327 block 30 over with 283 steel crank}] with 450+ hp, that would run 165 +. While I loved that time in my life I would never waiste the gas now.
    I know it all sounds great, but we have to take better care of the planet.
  17. yeah i hear ya man.....i know they're not that big now or in comparrison to those cars you mentioned but we used to have Jags here with 6l and 8l engines with twin petrol tanks....but now fuel over here is like around £0.80or something like $1.30 a litre....that's like $6.50 a gallon i think....Peace out...Sid

  18. I have the place to play baseball, softball, basketball, or any other type of ball you want to play.

    We can even play "tip the cows" LOL

    So come on people. The last one here doesn't get to smoke the weed!!!!LOL
  19. i think youre vision of america is flawed..youre thinking of the suburbs of the 1950-60s. not many of those kinds of neighborhoods left around here
  20. HIGH All, 2, 3 bedroom houses on the average here go for $120.000. My neighbor is selling his house for $275.000 but that comes with one of the best views of Discouvery Passage. The ol' American Buck kicks ass up here. The amount of American's buying land up here is unreal. I used to work for an American logging company which owns over 50,000 acres in BC and they have some of the best land here where I live and lots will be in the $100.000 to $200,000 range when they start selling.

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