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  1. So this all started months ago. I went to a house party, and didn't invite my house mate. I knew he wouldn't enjoy it, plus the girl whose birthday it was doesn't really like him. So I assumed it'd be unfair on this girl if I just turned up with this guy she doesn't like. I get a text off of him later asking where I was, so I say I'm just at this small house party, and he's just cool and says sweet, I'll catch up with you later. About five minutes later, he sends me this really bitchy text/essay about why I'm a shitty guy, and I should've took him along, and that we should "sever ties" or some bullshit.

    So he avoids me for ages (up until this day in fact), apart from odd moments when he'll ring up and see how I'm doing, how easter went, etc. So we chat for a bit, then we're like cool see you later, and I fool myself into thinking that it's all cool again. Then I come back after easter, and he continues to ignore me, but has started trying to get into petty little arguments. For instance this morning, he was bitching at me for using his toothpaste or something. I was like no I haven't, firstly I have my own, and secondly, your text actually woke me up. So I obviously haven't had the chance to brush my teeth yet.

    Plus he's trying to make me pay bills for the time I wasn't actually living there. WTF!?
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    Well if you would have just told him the truth in the first place (the chick didnt like his ass and didnt want him there) you wouldn't be in tthis shit!

    And as far as you paying bills and you not being there, if your name is on the lease you're liable for those bills. Thats why you sub-lease apartments so you don't have to cover the billls when you're gone on summer or winter break.
  3. There is no lease for bills because we're on a meter. When we run out, we top up, simples. I've no problem with getting the next one.
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    Gotcha but you know if u renting somewhere and u not living there your housemate still goin to expect you to cover thhe bills, im sure he doesnt want to pay his half then extra.

    But just tell him the chick didnt like his ass and you didnt want to hurt his feelings! He'll understand and if he doesnt then forget about his ass and you don't have to associate with him.
  5. Yeah true but none of us were there over most of easter so there really shouldn't have been anything to pay.

    Ah well, I guess you're right about telling him about the girl's opinion of him though. And if the worst comes to the worst, we're already gonna be living in separate houses anyways.

    Thanks for the advice! :)
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    Anytime man..
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    Delete...double post!! This iphone app messd up again
  8. Update: Met my housemate in a club last night, and we had a laugh. Went back home, smoked a spliff, and are now friends again!
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    Thats waz sup man!!

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