Household Materials for custom slide & bowl

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    So I've got this plastic pom bottle from yesterday that i cleaned out and everything.


    I have made plenty of ghetto bubblers out of regular water bottles that worked pretty well, but here are some questions

    1. Should i make a bubbler or bong?

    2. what are the best household materials i can use to make a slide/bowl (in b4 3/16 wrench piece [too small])

    lets hear it :D

  2. glass!!!
  3. no man its PLASTIC

    hhaha or are you talking about the slide/bowl.

    well, i am talking about HOUSEHOLD materials dude
  4. i use those cigerella tubes that singles come in, thet use tinfoil over the top and poke holes, that way theyre removable
  5. well this is a bubbler. so im not sure how you would turn that into one.
  6. please dont do this
    heated up tinfoil=BAD
    heated up plastic=BAD
  7. I used the top of a salt shaker as the bowl, its works perfectly
  8. make a carb somewhere on the bottle instead of using a slide man xD

    sounds good i will try this probably, but keep them ideas coming :D

  9. obviously its bad, but sometimes i gotta smoke out of popcans too, its just the only possible way sometimes
  10. Zebra pen works good as a stem/bowl. Socket/pen. Ect.
  11. think about what you just said you sound like a crack fiend
  12. nah im just crafty, i think its worse to spend a shit ton on a piece
  13. ok so what your saying is your health is worth less than the 50 bux youc an spend to get a nice bubbler
  14. any other ideas?

    lets not get offtopic xD

  15. yeah the "health effect" that would happen from smoking out of some hand made maybe 10 times a year outweighs $50 to me
  16. that's a pretty stupid thing to say..:rolleyes:
  17. wow get back on topic. OP i used the outer part of a tire pressure gauge. it works pretty well i dunno the health side effects but im sure someone else will point out that it will kill you for some reason.

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