household bulb left on during flowering dark cycle

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cannabislover, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. OK the SHIT has hit the fan. im at week 5 of flowering. I have my timer set so the light is on while im sleeping and off when im at work, so last night when the light came on about an hour later my power surged and it shut the HPS off in my closet so I turned on the normal house light on while I fixed the HPS. It seems I left the house light on for pretty much 11 hours of the dark cycle. WHAT SHOULD I DO? do I just let the HPS turn on and continue business as usual?
  2. Oh yeah and my air conditioner seems to be broken...
  3. I'd probably be more concerned with the broken A/C, assuming you need it to keep the heat under control, than the lights being on for one night.
  4. Doesn't matter if it's 1 second or 11 hours... the damage happens immediately. Just don't let it happen again and you'll be fine.

  5. the AC is becoming a greater concern. I have a small apartment, there's no way I can have an AC repair man up here. any suggestions?
  6. Plan on buy your weed for a bit longer? :(

  7. Theres no way its over and done with I have less than 4 weeks left!! I will not accept defeat:devious:
  8. If you're doing a not-so-stealthy grow in an apartment, you're asking for trouble. Are you not controlling the smell with a carbon filter & just have the plants out in the open? :eek:

    What about maintenance guys, pest control, etc... how do these guys never show up? What's to keep them from coming in when you're not home?

    Anyway, your choices are pretty much let them fix the A/C, or go buy a window/portable unit and hope that does the trick.

  9. no sorry for the confusion, live in a house, just in the garage appt. My setup is legit, I have a bunch of ONA gel to keep the smell away. the temps are getting cooler outside so it should be getting cooler and cooler every day.

    I guess they are alright now but they are starting to get a little top heavy, I tied one of the stalks to the wall and it looks like Im going to have to do the same to some branches now. I guess thats good cause it means they are still developing correct?

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