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household blazing

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by assntitties, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. In my house its just me, my mom, and my sister thats 2 years younger than me. Well we all blaze, but we all try to hide it. For me, its not that big of a deal because ive been smoking since i was like 12, im 19 now, and i do well in life, so i dont hide it as much. But with my mom and my sister its hilarious how they think no one knows. And maybe those two are oblivous to eachother's toking(i think they are), but theres no way in hell i wouldnt know.

    Anyway, every night when i go to my room i sit down to watch tv because i like to start my night time blaze sessions around 12ish. But with my mom and my sister, its a different story. About 20 minutes after our goodnights and what not, i start to get huge wiffs of perfume mixed with burning weed. Its so funny because they think no one has any idea. And neither of them can smell it because there already blazing, hahahhaa, i love my family

    i was wondering if anyone else had any other household blazing stories?
  2. gRRR, I HAd a reply but gc had to give an error.
    Just to wrap up what i was going to say.
    Play joke on your mom and sister. Say something about smell of pine cones in the house at night ;)
    And no i don't have any story except that my neighbor that lives in the front house blazes everyday, i smell that good stuff everyday when i get home around 4

    Plus we have same number of posts :O
  3. if ya know they toke then why bother hiding it?
  4. I dont really hide it at all.

    My sister hides it cause my mom would probably get mad at her

    And my mom hides it (even though ive caught her sooooo many times and blazed with her), because shes the mom and im assuming she wants to set a good example for my sister
  5. My family has always been strongly against smoking. but that never stopped me when i was a kid. back when i was 15 i was smoking some bud in my room. while my younger bro and mom were at a book store i guess i lost track of time so they got in the house and they smelled something funny good thing i sprayed some febreeze and had my ceiling fan and my portable fan on full blast along with clothes blocking the bottom of the door or the smell would have been horendous outside my room. but anyways i knew i was screwed but i thought of an idea last second to get away with getting caught smoking i got some notebook paper real fast ripped it up and lighted them all on fire "acting like the strange smell was smoke from me playing with fire" thankgod my moms never burned or been around weed smoke :):) she bought it and i got grounded for a week for stealing her lighter and playing with fire. compared to the 5 months i woulda gotten grounded if i got caught smokin yeah i know iam a genius.;)

  6. lol, i did the same thing, but just got accused of using crappy paper to try and smoke a blunt.

  7. hahahahaha. i got caught when i was 14 because my mom smelled paper burning in my room...and that happened to be because my joint paper for the night happened to be bible paper:devious:

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