House of Cards season 3 will test limits.

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  1. Who else cannot wait for season 3 of House of Cards? There seems to be a lot of speculation about the direction it will take. Will it follow the story it's based on, or use the premise to blast off on its own epic? It's probably about 3-4 months away if history teaches us anything (which I think Francis would attest to).
    If you've been following the show with its superb acting and incredibly dramatic plotline, do you have any ideas on the direction season 3 will take?
    Please remember to hide the spoilers, for potential new watchers who still have the chance to lose nights of sleep to this show.
    If all goes according to plan, there are less than 4 months until the fruit ripens...

  2. Started to watch it, just couldn't get into it,
    Opted for west wing instead.

    Currently just started watching network.

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  3. All I know is stand the F by while Frank takes over. can't wait
  4. I cant wait till Hannibal season 3 Dr Lecter...

    Sorry i know its irrelevant. Just couldnt help myself...
  5. It's okay, I can't wait for it either. My performance will knock your socks off!

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