House Of Cards season 2

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  1. Just came out today on Netflix, anyone watching? This shit is cray cray for realsies!
    Please use spoiler tags generously, I'm only on episode 3 :p 

  2. Is this show really good?I tried to watch season 1 and it just seemed so boring
    I love it, but it's definitely not for everyone. 
    It's one of those shows you have to really pay attention to and if you don't like it after, say, three episodes, it's probably not your kind of show. 
    That said, it does have Kate Mara's tits. :laughing: 
  4. Kevin Spacey is a fucking badass!
    i'm digging this show a lot..
    saved the last episode for tonight.. crazy shit man.
    did you finish watching yet?
    much to discuss! :p
  6. If i'm a viewer that prefers violence and violent related story lines/ dialogue will I like this show? Or is this more of a smart people dialogue based show?
    For example I very much enjoy Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, True Detectives, and dark gritty shows like that.
    you'll dig it..
    it's pretty dark.. Kevin Spacey playing a corrupt congressman.. so yeah lotsa good violence and shady shit going down.
    Nah, I'm on like... episode 7 or 8 I think? I'll be finished before this week is over, I'm sure. :smoking: 
    let's go!
    MUCH to discuss!!
    you still digging it as much as the early episodes?
    Hell yeah, it's one of those shows that makes me go "just one more..." until I can barely keep my eyes open. :laughing: 
  11. WHOO! Been waiting forever for it!! Finally!!

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  12. I binged watched the 1st season I wanna finish the 2nd like that. Only watched the 1st episode and all I can say is wow..

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  13. this show is so awesome. the underwoods are just completely ruthless and take such a passive aggressive approach to everything. Frank plays everybody like a violin, sometimes to the point where you dont even notice him taking advantage.
    everything about this show is just so well put together. Im on SE2EP4 and i cant wait to see how the rest of the chapters play out.
  14. Just starting watching this show and I'm so glad I did. Only bad part is my binge watching it is affecting my productivity but watching Frank be such a bad ass is worth it. Off to watch s1 episode 6.

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    i'm bumming that i binge watched.. i want more!
    won't spoil anything, but season 3 is setup really nice.. gonna be crazy.
  16. Just finished season 2 last night. 
    The fucking threesome scene, omg
    that's the first thing i was gonna bring up..
    that was CRAZY! and so out of the blue.. wtf? and then it's business as usual the next day lol..
    i loved the closing scene of the last episode.. Frank FTW!!
    season 3 is gonna be great!
  18. I've been waiting for this to catch on - I watched the first season last April/May and was blown away. Frank Underwood is one of the best characters in a TV show I've seen in years. First couple seasons of the Sapranos was the last show that sucked me in this way.
    Almost done w/ Season 2, I'm on episode 10-11 right now :smoking:

    Here are the trailers if anyone wants a peak :smoking:
  20. Just finished both seasons last night. Excellent show. And I'm located in the area so it's cool to see metro stops and locations.

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