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  1. So i was thinking the other day. For anybody who watched house, you know that one of the biggest motifs is his constant vicodin medication. He literally pops them like candy, and in one episode he was even talking about how he took like 20 or something that day.

    is anybody else curious how his liver doesnt shut down? I much APAP do you think he consumes daily?

  2. Lol i dunno shit about pills, but I like House. Good show
  3. I kinda too. It'd be more accurate if he was addicted to oxy, but Oxy has such a bad name it'd make him seem like too much of a junkie.

  4. They probably just say vicodin because if they said anything else people would think he was a junkie and 80% of the people that watch the show have been prescribed vicodin at one time or another.
  5. there was one episode where they took all his pills so he wrote off a prescription of oxy for a dead guy and took it himself.

    i liked that episode, he was a lot higher than usual :rolleyes:
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  7. glad someone can pull their facts out of there Buttholes
  8. exactly i will watch house from time to time... when i do im angry that they couldnt get his drug use right... i mean as a doctor he must know there are much stronger pills for him, and that all that apap is bad for his liver. If he popped Oxycodone like cancy that would be more accurate. I guess in reality he would take hydrocodone... but audiences wouldnt know what that is :smoking:
  9. grandaddy purps responded to one of my threads. i feel special.

  10. were u being sarcastic? haha am i special around the box?

  11. i like grandaddy purps. shits fire.

  12. iud be stoked.
  13. i wasn't being sarcastic at all. if i had to choose an opiate mentor, or someone to discuss opiate related pharmacy with, i would sit down over tea with you over anyone else.
  14. This thread is touching.
  15. <33333
  16. Doesn't all hydrocodone have APAP too?
    Not sure, that's just what I thought
  17. Don't you mean Oxycontin? Is it the same thing or a different drug? Like I said earlier, I don't know shit about pills lol.

  18. haha thank you man. my aim is listed on here. so if u ever do wanna talk i always love talking about drugs.:) id throw u some +rep but i gave out to much in the last 24 hours.

    Well there are 3 drugs. Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and Percocet. All contain oxycodone, percocet is oxycodone+apap. Oxycontin is oxycodone with a time release mechanism. and oxycodone is just main IR oxycodone... ussually sold as roxys.

    house could be scribed OC, but as somebody earlier in the thread said oxycontin would not sitt well with the viewers
  19. Kk thanks for the info
  20. speaking of house, season premier on monday :D::DD im so stoked

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