House MD vs. Heroes

Discussion in 'General' started by Kramer, Sep 21, 2009.

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    Both seasons kick off at the exact same time tomorrow for a two hour premiere.

    Who will YOU support and watch?

    I love both shows, but I'm more loyal to Heroes.
  2. House. For sure.

    Never could get into Heroes for some reason
  3. Heroes. Can't stand that smarmy bastard they call Dr. House one bit.
  4. the tv industry is fucking cruel and evil

    FUCK MY LIFE :cry:
  5. Fuck heroes.

    I'll dl both but I prefer house.

    What I really want to watch tmw is How I Met Your Mother.
  6. I'll watch House the next day on Hulu commercial free.
  7. Heroes all day son!
  8. House M.D.

    Never seen an episode of Heroes and I'm not going to start now
  9. damn i was so into Heroes. missed the whole last season... anybody know where i can get a up to date recap?

    oh and im waiting for Dexter... FTW
  10. Dude i still dont even know, i mean shit, this is fucking tough. You can watch both of them online at hulu though so its all good in the end. Yay to the Internetz:hello:
  11. House for sure. Then again I don't have cable and Fox is one of the few stations that I get quite clearly all the time. I also don't like Heroes.
  12. House M.D. It's one of only two shows I actually bother watching on TV. :smoke:
  13. House, I never really liked heros

    And thanks to USA and their ridiculously long house marathons Ive seen every one.
  14. house! fo sho! :D
  15. After seeing the last season I'm not too sure how excited I am for House. But I'll be watching anyway.
  16. I wish I made this shit into a poll.

  17. Heroes aint got shit on House.

    Aint none of them just got committed :D
  18. House Fool...
    that's all i hace to say...
    so much better when your baked...
  19. Wow...I'm one of the only ones that would choose HEROS over House. I love house too, but if I had to choose, Heros :D

    Of course, I don't have to choose :cool:

    My DVR has two tuners, so I can record both at the same time ;)
  20. Two hour premier means what, 25 minutes of television, and 95 of commercials?

    I say PVR and watch that shit later with no commercials. Fuck L'oriel, Ill buy whatever shampoo I want considering it doesnt give me a intense orgasm when using.

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