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  1. Hello everyone, i'm brand new to this site, this is my second thread and was wondering if there was anyone out there who could give me a little insight into the HOUSE & GARDEN line... I have been an avid user of GH and foxfarm for sometime, and with consisitenet quality and results. I was turned on to house and garden and purchased aquaflakes A and B. I was told to run this all the way thru and supplement with budXL and roots excelurator etc... Iv'e got several DWC buckets and a 14 plant aero unit. Wondering if there is any specific schedule or supplementation regime that anybody could reccomend? Also been using great white mycorrhizal with the DWC buckets, should i continue to use this with the roots excelurator? ive included pics of the DWC buckets. Sour deisel/ Kush cross... any feedback would be appreciated!

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  2. If you look at House & garden's schedule, they suggest using great white along with Roots excelurator. Looks like you are on the right track to me….Peace and good luck

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