House Fire

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  1. So I wake up today, get ready grab my buds and head over to a friends. We burn some bowls, and play video games. I decided I want to go back to my crib to make some food. As I turn down the street to my house, I see a huge smoke cloud throughout the sky. As I get closer, it looks like its coming from my work.

    I pull into my work parking lot, and there are firetrucks everywhere across the baseball field. And all that I see is this


    Turns out there was a house fire. I dont know many details yet. If I can find a news article later ill post it on here.

    There was so many people scattered around lol. Just thought i'd share with the city. ITs pretty interesting
  2. where any mids harmed in this fire?
  3. Is it just me or is that small woman pretty strong for holding up her daughter with one arm and isn't that girl a little old to be carried around still?
  4. I'm not sure if anyone was harmed or not. I hope not though. If I can find a article on it later i'll post it forsure
  5. House fires suuuuuck.
  6. someones grow house had faulty lighting
  7. hahaa

  8. haha yah no kidding
  9. I hear about SO many house/apt fires around here, and it makes me nervous every time I come home, I'm thinking my apt is gonna be charred to bits. :(
  10. one time in like 8th grade im driving home and i see smoke coming from where my house would be, but i wasnt sure if it was my house cuz we werent close enough, and when we got there it turned out the house NEXT to ours was on fire but it was put out before we got there... its a really scary thought to be thinking bout what if my house burned down?
  11. damn, hope every1 that was in there is alright.
  12. man that's crazy. Lucky that fire didn't spread to your crib man
  13. Look carefully at the third picture and you will see on the left hand side in the cloud of smoke a face holding a joint with his fingers in a peace sign smoking. It's pretty cool, just like this post. :smoking:

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