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  1. Has anyone run the new house and garden line? The guys at my local hydro shop are really pushing it but I've heard mixed opinions. I've been running botanicare's pure blend pro line for about a year or so. I've tried Canna's coco line and dutchmaster's gold line and eventually settled with botanicare and I've been happy so far.

    Please post favorite nutrient lines and has anyone done a side by side comparison with others.
  2. House and Garden makes good nutrients. I don't personally like them a lot, but you can grow okay with them. On the other hand, if you're happy with PBP I wouldn't recommend trying H&G because someone wants to sell it to you.

    Don't forget that different brands often have different mark-ups so it could just be that the hydro shop guy makes more per dollar when he sells the House and Garden nutrients.

    And if you are considering playing the field a little, I'd suggest looking into Advanced Nutrients rather than House and Garden. That's my favorite line. My best grows have all been AN grows. Stick with 3-7 things to start and work your way up from there if you like to play mad scientist. Just start simple or it's impossible to tell how well anything is working.
  3. everywhere i go i see some1 talking advanced nutes up. my friend uses them and swears by it. there so overpriced. he spends WAY to much. and he admits it. i use h&g and love it. its proven there roots exc. is superior and shooting powder is the most amazing thing ive used. my hydro store put me on the line saying they got there biggest yield from h&g over advanced. h&g is half as much money with jus as good results imo. but every1 feels different. ive seen both processes and both results. so its an educated opinion. i know most people will yell advanced nutes are way better. but every1 should give H&G a shot if your using advanced. id like to see how many people actually switch over. and how many people stay. this is some headband grown with h&g. great smell and taste. something i feel like advanced nutrients isnt the best at is taste. smell is fantastic.

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  4. H&G dutch nutes are good bro....
    i use slime and a very balanced ph...i set it and walk away...good nutes..great customer service from my experience..
  5. I use both drip clean and shooting powder in soil. Have been happy with both.
  6. I am having great success with Humboldt Nutrients - I'm using their organic line cause I use soil but they have a great nute line for hydro and soilless.

    Not to be confused with Humbold County's Own brand...same county different company. :)
  7. humboldt is great for your soil, i hate it for aero or dwc hydro...slime climb's...was doing the oneness's awesome for about 1-2 day' then goes nut's in your res...lot's of slime...switched to the h&g aquaflakes a/b and dripclean, magic green...shit's awesome..don't smell funky either...
  8. I love H&G's Aqua Flakes line for my DWC. Compared to the lucas formula (GH) and AN's GMB line, the H&G clearly works the best. Also, the guys over at H&G know their stuff so you can email them and get straight answers whereas the guys at Advanced don't know the difference from their ass and a hole in the ground. Just my .02
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  9. exactly h&G is far superior compared to humboldt nutrients. sorry all they will do is charge u more. i can understand going with there organic line. but i really doubt it will even come close to house and garden. or even advanced and canna. there just not in the race here.
  10. I have one crop using house and garden aquaflakes, root accelerator, and drip clean under my belt. I used the recommended amounts of a and b, root, and drip through the clone to flower stage. I had problems at every phase with nutrient burn. I have talked to several hydro shops that have all indicated that you use less than the recommended amount. The guy I bought it from did not tell me that. Please any information on dose recommendations would be helpful. I have can test the ph of the water accurately and have always been between 5.8 and 6.5. I now have a tds/ppm meter to help me. I am using clay balls in an ebb and flow setup, flourescent for clones, 600w mh to veg, 600w sodium to flower. I use rockwool to clone, and wait until I have good root penetration to put them in the hydro bed. I used the short veg and flower schedule from H&G. When I noticed burn, I flushed with plain water and cut it back. I emailed them twice with no response. Please help........:eek:
  11. So I am not the only one this is happening to with the House and Garden line? I am also using R O water so now I'm trying to figure out if it is nutrien burn or deficencies that I am currently experiencing even running it at 60%.
  12. Van De Zwaan house and garden is recommended by basically everyone I talk to at my local hydro store. None of them recommend advanced nutrients.

    edit: VDZ H&G is also a pretty extensive line and requires all components to work properly, including the foliar feed magic green solution. Failure to use any part of the line will likely make very bad things happen.
  13. I haven't used House and Garden yet. I got started with Canna Coco A&B based on the opinion of my hydrostore guy, and really like the results on the system. H&G has very different nutrient values in their Coco product which makes me apprehensive to switch when what I have is working well.

    I do supplement the Canna system with a bunch of other stuff. This gives me a lot of flexibility in my nutrient profile for different strains. I find Cole Train to need a bunch extra potassium while Lemon Skunk needs a bunch extra magnesium. Over the entire course of my grow I will have used...

    Coco A - Macronutrient source for Coco
    Coco B - Macronutrient source for Coco
    Rhizotonic - Rhizosphere innoculant, root growth excellurator
    CannaZym - Enzymes used to break down dead roots, improve immunities
    PK13/14 - Flowering booster used for a few days at the end of stretch

    BioBoost - Flowering booster using organic rain forest plant extracts shown to improve growth.

    Cal-Mag Plus - Calcium, Magnesium, Iron supplement for RO filtered water
    Liquid Karma - Enzymes and extracts used to improve immunity and lessen stress

    Calplex - Calcium supplement
    Huvega - Magnesium and trace element supplement
    Humega - Humic acid and rhizosphere innoculant, increases biological activity around roots
    Seaplex - Mineral and enzyme extract from ocean sources used to decrease internode distances and create uniform growth.

    Humboldt Nutrients:
    Deuce-Deuce - Potassium supplement and rhizosphere innoculant
    Honey ES - Carbohydrates and increase in root zone biological activity
  14. I've used H&G Cocos A/B for my last 4 cycles and Im now half way into my 5th with it. Ive used it with just the H&G line, and was very happy with it. I've also used it with a few suppliments from other companies, and now Im really fuckin stoked on it!!

    On my first cycle with it I grew 2 Blue Dream and 2 Mendo. Purples. I found the 2 strains to be pretty much on the opposite ends of the spectrum as far as nute sensitivity. So you may have the same problems depending on strain, just a little will go a LOONG way with most Sativas, while Kens Grandaddy Purple could deal with a little under the "agressive" dose. Right now Im growing Strawberry Caugh with it, in week 2 of flower, at around 1050-1100 ppm (with all the additives) 2.0 ec they seemed to be hanging pretty good, I bumped it up to just under 1200 and now I have a little leaf curl. You should never feed all the way up at the "agressive" doseage, even if you have a hearty Indica that's greedy for nutes, it may make the buds a little too dense and prone to bud mold.
    If you are burning while using Top Booster or Shooting Powder, I'd lower the A&B a to a little (or alot) less than the regular doseage, and keep the TB and SP at full levels.

    As far as ph I've roamed between 5.8-6.0, basically what ever makes the runoff come out at 6.2-6.5. It seems like if you follow the directions and mix the A&B first and then ph to 5.8, and are just using the H&G line, it holds the ph you set it at pretty good. Now Im adding all kinds of suppliments (Trinity, Ancient Amber, Plant Amp, Budswell, etc.) and that does make the ph swing a bit.

    The cost seems to be pretty much up with the market from what Ive seen, and at least here in California they seem to love to give out lots of samples!!
  15. I usually get rsponses from them within a day or two, but here's what to do:

    I know the thread says "Lucas Formula", but it is ideal for all nute lines and is what I was instructed to do by the folks over at H&G. Basically, different strains and at different growth stages will consume different amounts of nutrients and this will keep you all dialed-in.

    This is not true. The base nutrients (Aqua Flakes, Hydros, Cocos, etc) are the only necessary components to the program. The rest (BudXL, Roots excel., Foilar, etc) are purely optional. Personally, I use Roots excel., Multi-Zyme, BudXL, Top Booster, and Shooting Powder with the Aqua Flakes Line, and always leave out the foilar. I used to only use Aqua Flakes and loved it. Then added the rest of the gang. Peace
  16. I agree, You can even mix other additives like sweet or bud candy with House & Garden. It is also, to many's surprise, cheaper than GH, Botanicare, and Advanced when you compare the full lines. Their base nutes cost $75 for A&B gallons together! Peace and good luck
  17. Anybody have any updates about House and Garden nutes?
    Come on fellow H&G users let's hear it! Anybody switch? Anybody find new combinations/methods?

  18. I was a die hard H&G grower for about 3 years. I averaged 4-6 oz per plant depending on the strain, topped out 7-8oz on a couple strains per plant when temps were ideal (mid-summer and mid-winter are rough). These are on 3ft tall plants.

    I recently switched to Xtreme Gardening and it is simply amazing. I now average 7oz per plant across the board (6-8 the first run). This was after switching 3 weeks into flower. My next rounds have been vegged with Xtreme Gardening and are massive, I expect much more in the coming weeks. Still 3ft tall, but much wider in the same time frame. Much larger tops as well, at the start of week 7 they are the same size and H&G were at the end of week nine. I've also cut a week of flower with H&G. I do a continuous cycle of 4 rows of 6 on an 8 week cycle in an 8'X8' flower space, and a 4'X7' veg space. Burning (8) 600w Galaxies in flower, and (1) 8 bay T5, (1) 4 bay T5, and (1) 600W Galaxy in veg. I use Happy Frog soil in smart pots. I also use Sea-90 from for added minerals.
  19. Also... I noticed that my average seemed to be dropping over the last 6 months with H&G. Another poster mentioned that they believe H&G are lowering quality these days. My average did drop to 3-4 during the last 6 months before the switch... At any rate, Xtreme Gardening is my savior, super cheap, and super effective. The smell, taste, and high are like nothing before! My patients are thrilled with the change.

    I should add... With Xtreme Gardening, I use bat guano starting at the end of week 3 for P/K. I mix two local types to 3.33-6.66-0.66 and give 2tbsp per gallon (made into tea) in week 3, and about 1/2 cup per gallon in week 5. Every other week they get a dose of Xtreme Tea (the tea and nutrients should not be mixed). These nutrients, other than the guano, are mixed into the soil at transplanting (I transplant from 3gal to 10gal smart pots as they enter the flower room) and I do nothing more than water, and brew tea and feed every other week...
  20. I've ran advanced, GH, and canna at one point or another. H&G (what I've used for the past year) has been the most consistent and delivered the best quality product so far.
    I run the cocos base and the rest of the line, but I skip the shooting powder and run bloombastic instead. Shooting powder is great, but I like the results from the bloombastic a little better.
    Advanced was costly and the results were spotty at times. I feel like they just split the line into too many parts and charge way too much. I manage a very large hydro store, and I live in Colorado. 90% of my large industrial grow customers run H&G and get superb results.

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