house and garden nutes?

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  1. has anyone used these nutes with soil?
    what soil are you using?
    if so how do you like them?
    what is your feed schedule?
    do you add them every time you water?
    have you finished a full grow with them yet any problems?

  2. I use the the Technoflora Starter Kit. Easy to use. Hydroponics, Indoor Gardening Supplies, Hydroponic Systems - home

    Generic Transplant soil from local grocery store. Check the npk ratio. A lil bit of nitrogen is coo. Don't feed a baby sprout for the first couple of weeks, then feed no more than once a week. Dont feed if the soil is super dried out. Start with a little water to moisten the soil. Stick your finger in your soil about 2 in and if its moist your cool if its dry you can water a little. Over watering is the easiest mistake to make. READ THE NUTES LABLES. Start at one quarter the recommended dose, then build up to half. With ferts, less is more, usually it is overkill to give the full dose.

    Cheap nutrients? unsulphured molasses. about a tablespoon per gallon. straight carbohydrates. use throughout plants life cycle.
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    thanks apreciate the info, someone out here has to have some info on house and garden?

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