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  1. Looking for input good and bad about house and garden nutes
  2. I've only been using these nutes for 3 weeks now in the propagation stage so I cant say much at the moment but these are the nicest and healthiest plants I've ever had! I also use plant magic evolution spray. Only down side so far is the price but we'll see at harvest...
  3. What's plant magic evolution spray ?
  4. Downside is the $$$ part but all things aside it works as advertised. I was given a box of samples and boy did my plants love that amino treatment. When i use House n garden Cocos A/B for flower with there additives, OMG. Best crop I had overall. I recommend bud XL, multi Zen, amino treatment, roots excel n shooting powder. I still use the additives with other nutes but read the directions on how to use them. You only need very little of each, it really is concentrated stuff.
  5. I use whole lineup, basically all the products for a soil grow. It can be pricey in areas I get it for dirt cheap, I love H&G Ive had near pound plus yields on plants, just gotta get the stuff dialed in.
  6. Excellent product, and I have tried many of them.
    The sticker shock is a bit harsh, but the amount you use is far less then other nutrient lines. Overall the price per gallon is at least comparable to quite reduced. This translates into fewer trips to the grow store, and/or less of a dent in the wallet.
    RapidStart Vs. Roots Excelurator
    RapidStart ($50 for 500ml) calls for 2.5ml/gal and Roots Excelurator ($95 for 500ml) calls for 1.1ml/gal. This puts Roots Excelurator at $0.21/gal and RapidStart at $0.25/gal. (Small difference, about $20 over 500 gallons)
    Vitamino + Silica Blast Vs. Amino Treatment
    Now lets look at Botanicare Vitamino ($25/q) + Silica Blast ($17/q) and Amino Treatment ($150/L).
    Vitamino calls for 5-10ml/gal and Silica Blast calls for 2.5-5ml/gal. Amino Treatment is 0.8-2.5ml/gal.
    Botanicare comes in at  $0.13-$0.26/gal (Vitamino) and $0.05-$0.10/gal (Silica Blast), totaling $0.18-$0.36/gal
    H&G comes in at $0.12-$0.37/gal
    This is pretty comparable pricing but with one bottle lasting much longer.
    Alg-a-mic Vs. Algen
    Alg-a-mic ($28/L) and Algen ($82/L)
    Alg-a-mic calls for 7.5ml-18.8ml/gal and Algen is 1ml per gallon.
    Algamic runs $0.21-$0.52/gal and Algen runs $0.08/gal (big difference, $65-$220 over 500 gallons)

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