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  1. Ok I've read tons of stuff online over the years never posted. I'd highly recommend h and g. I've used fox farm and canna and this shit blows that out of the water. Chocolate fondue used to test 18 now 26.6. Here is pics of current grow at 13 days.
  2. Full line used minus amino. Swapped out for silica substitute

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  3. Fox farm was yielding me about 4-6 oz per plant in 7 gallons on average. now it gets about 6-8
  4. Current setup and Strains
    10 hortilux 600 watt hps
    5 lumatek dual 600
    2014 mitsubishi 3.5 multi zone mini split
    Fox farm ocean forest veg
    Basement soil for bloom
    7 8 bulb t5 fixtures for veg

    Strains are
    Chocolate fondue
    Dj short f18
    White lightning
    Blue diesel
    Super lemon haze X blue satellite 2.2
    Ed Rosenthal super bud
    Dutch treat #5
    Dirty heri
    Red heri fruit
    Rosetta stone
    Lemon skunk
    Critical mass
    So Cal kush

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