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  1. Just wondering any blades use it and if you use the whole lineup..i know you can switch moab for shooting powder but wondering if you should leave out anything like amino or zen or just use it all
  2. i use canna coco and would use h&g coco.. i use most of the line up but use primordial solutions in veg and flower instead of algen extract..

    but also add in a whole gambet of things in flwr that arent h&g
  3. you dont need the entire line

    just their base coco A/B and roots excel in veg, nothing more

    add whatever bloom booster you want in flower
  4. Cool thanks that shit is expensive lol
  5. "you go cheap,you grow cheap"
  6. Nah ive been making tea for pennies on the dollar but i wanna switch to coco and got a good deal on some h&g..have also got half lbs from one plant in hempy with lucas formula so cost has nothing to do with it
  7. how long was your veg and how big was your pot size?? cause i pulled an oz od with cheap ass soil and just tap water and i fit two plants in one milk crate... but i know that as good as it tasted and i only had to put in 30.00 bucks i will be much happier with the results after dumping the coinage for the best nutes,that are the same every time i use them... your way will work and im sure damn fine..

    got any nug shot's
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    Yea not saying the expensive nutes wont produce more but cheap ones can work well also..the half lb ones were in 5 gallon buckets with 8 weeks veg from seed and scrog..been doin 3 gallon organic under a 600 and average 3-4 per 24" or so a 1000 going now and 8 sip buckets with a controller so hope it goes good..these are some thc bomb wish i had a better camera they get frosty

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  9. very true, expensive nutrients dont mean shit

    ive ran just Maxibloom in the past and had great results

    although, i dont mind paying for "expensive" products....... only if they work as their advertised
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    I've ran selective House and Garden nutes, and the whole line-up; in my opinion, there is no question that using the whole line-up produces much better results. H&G nutes are the only line that I believe are designed to used as a whole system--each part has its specific purpose. For example, I think Shooting Powder is hands down the best flowering stimulator on the market. I've watched it literally cause a second wave/layer of bud to develop over the "base" flower structure.

    I grow "tree style". 4 plants in a 4.5' X 4.5' X 7' tent, a 1000w Hortilux HPS, Blocker Buster 6" air cooled reflector, and a Solis Tek ballast. I use 3.4 gallon Air Pots, and H&G coco medium and nutes. I'm approaching 2lbs. per crop in this single light set up with H&G nutes. I have used many different brands of nutes and this just wasn't possible until I started using H&G. The quality of the final product is also second to none, in my opinion.

    My last harvest was 29.5 oz. dried and cured, and this one looks to beat the last!

    P.S. H&G nutes are only expensive as an initial outlay, in my opinion. They are so concentrated that they last a very long time. Are they more expensive than some other brands, yes, of course; but, the results speak for themselves.

    P.P.S. If you think there isn't much difference between high quality nutes and lower quality nutes, think again. For example, Botainicare is one of the "dirtiest" nutrient lines out there--a relatively high level of toxic heavy metals in their products. House and Garden, on the other hand, is one of the cleanest. There's also a big difference in the quality of the chelating agents used.

    If there's any interest I'll be glad to post some pics of some Anesthesia (by Pyramid Seeds) that I just harvested.

  11. Thats good cause i got most of the whole line up anyways lol..ive tried lots of ways so im just using amino blast and protekt instead of the amino..also got top shooter instead of shooting powder
  12. I think you'll be happy with the results. Is the Top Shooter the new product that's essentially a liquid version of Shooting Powder, or did you mean Top Booster? Top Booster is also a Flowering stimulator (with different ingredients in different ratios than Shooting Powder), which is used at a different time in the flowering cycle than Shooting Powder. Anyway, if Top Shooter is the product I'm thinking of it looked to me like much more of a hassle to use than Shooting Powder. Doesn't the bottle need to be heated in a pan of water to thin it, then water added, or something to that effect?

    At any rate, a couple of points:

    1) Look at their online nute calculator! This is critical, as the product line was developed with plants in general in mind, not cannabis specifically. However, the calculator is partly based on feedback they get from U.S. users, so I think that's much more tuned to our crop. You will find certain amounts and usage times HAVE CHANGED FROM WHAT"S PRINTED ON THE BOTTLE LABELS. The most obvious example is Amino Treatment, which is now used at a Max of 2.5 ml/gallon, not the 3.8 ml listed on the label. You also cease use 2 weeks earlier than directed on the label.

    2) If you're using RO water you must use a good Cal/Mag supplement--I like General Hydroponics, CaliMagic. It has lower nitrogen and a better chelated form of iron.

    3) If you can get it and you grow in coco, I'd use H&G coco medium. It's very low in salts. They test and guarantee the salt content to be 150-250 micro seimens (~75-125PPM), and it's buffered with calcium and magnesium!

  13. Thanks for the advice..yea i got top shooter and booster..the shooter doesnt look too thick so ill prob just run in under hot water for a bit..also bought some shooting powder to compare..i actually did get h&g coco and it was onsale for 20 a bag :) probably saved at least a hundred buying the nutes online also..they sell 250ml bottles of excel and shooter for 80 at the hydro store and 50 online..all the others were at least 10-20 cheaper each
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    You'll really like their coco medium--the best on the market; and quality of coco varies a LOT. For example, Cyco coco medium is steamed as well as rinsed, thus killing the beneficial bacteria! Cyco also does NOT compost their coco, so nitrogen draw down is another worry!

    A couple of other points:

    1) I was advised to use Multi Zen at ~1/2 rate (i.e., ~2ml/gallon) during Veg, beginning AFTER the plant(s) have developed a healthy root system. In other words, starting around week 3 or 4 of Veg. This was advised because Multi Zen is a powerful enzyme product which will eat dead unhealthy roots, thus not giving pathogens a vector to enter the plant. however, Multi Zen is indiscriminate, in that it will catabolize both unhealthy and healthy roots, so you need to have a healthy root system before you begin use. Now, I have to say I think this is being overly cautious, but I've followed these directions since using Multi Zen.

    2) If you do need to call H&G to ask a question, DO NOT talk with Humbolt Wholesale! When I first began using H&G, I called Humbolt to ask some questions (they may have been handling all the H&G related questions back then, I don't recall). I was given completely WRONG INFO! I was told that H&G nutes were designed to be used with RO water, and that I would NOT need to add Cal/Mag--WRONG!!! After struggling with Cal/Mag issues forever (and thinking it must be something else because of the bad info I was given), I finally called back one day and spoke with H&G tech support.

    What a difference! I spoke with a guy who obviously has formal training in botany, plant physiology, etc., and was given the run down on the whole line of H&G products, what each one did, and in very general terms what was in them. This guy really helped me hone my grow technique; he turned me on to a different way of thinking about cannabis and it's flowering cycle. I came to realize that I was trying too aggressively to force the plant to do what I wanted. Anyway, I'm getting long winded! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

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