House and Garden Algen extract

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TOPDAWG, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hi people, im using House and Garden Algen extract for vegging, the question I wanted to ask is would it be sufficient for veg when combine with hygrozyme, im feeding my plants twice a week with algen extract 2ml per litre water, and once a week algen extract 2ml with 1 teaspoon hygrozyme per litre water, the other days they get plain tap water which gets boiled and left to cool, im a newbie and ive only been doing it for a week not long enough for me to notice any changes, the question I wanted to ask is have I got the right idea, will I see noticeable results doing this or do I need something else to supplement my vegging nutes, all advice greatly appreciated, im using a 400w hps lights are on 24/7

    The strain im doing is berry bomb and I have 5 auto assasins on the go as well, popped and potted same time, im currently only using the schedule ony the berry bombs, can I use it on the autos as well or will it affect them negatively, im now 6 weeks from seed, and the assasins are twice the height of the berry bomb despite no feeding.

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