Hours of daylight

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  1. I read the sticky for photoperiods for outdoor. Found this link and thought it might be useful to some people. It can make a calendar that shows moon phases, daylight hours and a couple other cool little things. It also let's you pick your city state country and all that. Pretty much looks like it covers about every city out there.

    Sunrise Sunset Calendars and Local Time

    Anyway that's it hope it helps someone somewhere.
  2. bump in case u didn't see it the first time i posted :)
  3. according to that, where im at 12/12 will not be reached until late september. hmmm
  4. Pretty sweet.

  5. It doesnt matter. A soon as the plant recognizes that the days are getting shorter it will begin to flower.

  6. im sorry to inform that isn't always the case.
    Ive had plants not begin flower until late august/ early September

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