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Discussion in 'General' started by thewhitehouse, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. GC, I want to know what is THE most controvesial topic to speak about. What with Christmas coming up in 2 days, I want to start a few good convos. If It isn't listed in the poll, post it below.
  2. Talk about abortion. Pro life or pro choice, and why? Either that or embryonic stem cell research...
  3. religion.

    but why do you want to bring up controversial topic?

    oh, and marijuana is another one. ;)
  4. What was that?
  5. you would have to know my family.
  6. my vote goes for gay marriage, just cant stand it!!!!

  7. Its the most controversial button to push, literally.
  8. I use protection there are all kinds of it the best one is keep youre legs closed
  9. Oooh, I forgot about stem cell research...although, it doesn't really count in MI, we just legalized it.
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    You can't compare somethin' like "owning firearms" to abortion, lol. Of course abortions more controversial than guns, dude. That's just common sense.

    But abortions also a very touchy subject; kinda BEYOND controversial.. I know a lot of people (asshole Catholics) who judge ya solely on shit like whether or not you're "pro-life" 'n shit. It's better to just leave THAT kinda shit outta your convos with people.. 'Less you gotta feelin' that they have the same opinion about it that you do.

    EDIT: There are PLENTY more subjects out there that can start better conversations than controversial shit, dude.
  11. IDK though, dude. I know some people who are like, "Oh hey, an abortion debate. Same shit, different day" but when a gun commercial comes on, they go off. "WHAT THE FLYING FUCK WAS THAT?!?!?!? I GOTTA WRITE TO MY CONGRESSMEN!!!! WE SHOULD NOT HAVE GUNS!!!!!! ARRRRGGHHHH LIKE OMG HAXORZS!!!11!!1111!"
  12. Hah.

    I find it funny that more people are concerned with abortions and gay marriage than the future leader of the free world.

    Amusing, but disgusting as well.
  13. Some legs get forced open, though, then what? ;)
  14. There you go, trying to get the thread deleted.
  15. Then if you get knocked up thats there decsion to make ... the morning ahter pill or there are people in this world that cant have children there are always other doors that will open
  16. My bad, delete the post, not the thread. I'd feel like a jerk if that happened. I was just saying, though...
  17. gay marriage or human over population

    no media person or politician in their right mind would ever bring up human over population
  18. Don't get me started, buddy.:rolleyes:
  19. Religion hands down is the most controversial topic.
    A lot of those issues are deeply entangled in ethics tinged with religious perspective.

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