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HOTH's Drug Test Routine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighOnTheHill, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I keep seeing a lot of posts about passing drug tests around the forums, so I thought I'd post up the routine I use to pass my drug screens. This is nothing new, just thought I'd post it up anyway. Before I get down to the details there's a few things I want to mention. First of all, I've passed many, many drug tests with this method, but I have failed once. The method I use requires an advance notice of at least a few days. I know when my probation meetings are a month before, so I have plenty of notice.

    PLEASE NOTE - Unless you're being supervised you should always use a substitution method rather than dilution as dilution is not guaranteed.

    Now, let's get to it:

    1) Stop smoking. While not absolutely necessary, it DEFINITELY increases your chances of passing. THC is stored in fat and metabolites are released into your urine causing you to fail a drug test. The key here is to reduce the amount of metabolites that are being released into your urine before attempting to dilute what's left. 2-3 days should be the minimum.

    2) 3-4 days before - start supplementing with Creatine. I take two servings per day (morning and night) leading up to the drug test. Not going into all the details, but creatine is broken down into creatinine,which is tested for by labs to help determine whether or not the sample is diluted. Your body produces it naturally, and during the dilution process the levels are reduced - the object here is to raise the creatinine levels so they appear to fall in the normal range.

    3) 4 hours prior to the drug test - start downing Gatorade. I just buy one of those big (64oz I think) bottles and consume it over roughly a 2 hour period. I prefer Gatorade to water as it contains electrolytes which keep me from feeling bloated as I would if I chugged a bunch of water. At least I think it's the electrolytes that do that.

    4) 2 hours prior to the test - Take one B-complex vitamin. This will color your urine yellow. At this point you should begin having to void your bladder every 15-20 minutes - replace all voided fluids with more Gatorade.

    5) 1 hour prior to the test - I like to take another B-complex vitamin at this point to ensure that my urine stays yellow. I also found that if I take both vitamins at once my urine turns almost a neon green color. Continue to void your bladder and replace all voided fluids.

    6) Go take your drug screen. Use mid-stream piss.

    There are a few other things I find beneficial, but not absolutely necessary. I figured I'd include these below:

    - THC is stored in fat. So while you're actively smoking - exercise. Use Hydroxycut if you're lazy. But burn that dirty fat as much as you can.

    - Once you stop smoking change your diet and consume lots of high fat-low fiber foods. The idea here is to build up a layer of clean fat over the old dirty layer. If you stop smoking 2 weeks prior to your test, don't spend the whole 2 weeks eating that unhealthily, please. 3-5 days is plenty.

    Drinking a ton of water the week leading up to the drug test is absolutely ineffective. Water poisoning is dangerous! Water you consumed 3 days ago isn't going to help you tomorrow.

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