Hotelroom blues

Discussion in 'General' started by Zylark, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. Hotelrooms are so boring. Trust me. No matter the company you keep, there you are, in the room. And it is not yours.

    Sure with a bit of luck and effort, it would not get so down, but here I am. Flight is gone, I'm stuck.

    And will get about 4 hours sleep come to think about it. Yup, gotta be in town to hand off some of the gear (wireless mic's) for a job tomorrow early like. No slouching that means.

    I know, I'm just complaining because I can, sue me :)

    The less entertaing part is that all my good shit is back home, and I'm sick for a good J... D

    edit: How I want to get home. Not two hours from here... By fast car... Or train. not that they go at this hour...

    But to keep things within limits: Home or away?

    Aways is fun and all, but home is, well, home. I've had more than enough of both and land on a very clear home is best position. I might be wrong though...
  2. hotels are the shit. i get the best sleep. i dont know where your stayin, but its fuckin sick when i stay. chillin is the best part, what else is there better to do?
  3. hotels were cool when I was 12 but I can see how being alone in a hotel would suck. The beds are gross too, they rarely clean the blankets and people have sex on them and stuff.
  4. hotels are pretty dank if there's a hotel party residing within... ;)
  5. the previous replies really made me think... when i was in HS it was the shit to get a room & party. but as years have past so has that thrill. hotel rooms are a cardboard box for you to use as needed. some spruse em up w/ mini bars, wifi, video games, pools, movies, weights, breakfast, etc. it is still a box keeping you. over time it can mess w/ ya too, make ya feel trapped in a cage for others amusement.

    needless to say, short trips away for a change of pace kicks ass but i am ALWAYS happy to get home!
  6. my couisin is living in a motel right now,,, i was over there yesterday,,,

    and i was thinking,,'' this is so plain ''......... but cheer up maybe some horny traveler, will book a room,,,, and you may score...

    it has happened to me before,, when i was working out of town,,,, started a conversation with this older chick in the parking lot,,, on my way to the soda machine,,,,,

    the next morning my friends was asking me where i was all night,,,,

    i was in her room all night....:cool:
  7. Guilty. If you're staying at the Best Western right off the highway in Oklahoma City...

    Sorry :D

    You cad! :hello:

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