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hotel smokin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 1701123, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. well today is my bday im 19 :D and im going to va beach on sat now i was gonna hotbox the room but heres the thing one of my brothers is gonna sleep in the same room so i cant hotbox but i was thinking about smoking from a pipe and using a sploof and smoking inside the room will the smoke turn the fire thing on and 2nd you think i can hot box the bath room and then press the little thing that sucks up air and get all the smoke/smell out thanks
  2. you could always smoke out on the balc. or out the window. if he is asleep, just use the bathroom , bring a little carb to take out the exhaled smoke (simple as paper tube w dryer sheets) leave the fan on and it should be cool. or go to the stairwell, no one uses the fire escapes, just dont go to the roof, they usually have silent or not silent alarms on em, found that out the hard way in Denver, LOL!
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    My brother's girlfriend works at a hotel. Every time some one hot box's or smokes any weed for that matter in the hotel, it can be smelled almost everywhere in the hotel. Their policy in every hotel is to contact the local authorities.

    Now.. if your going to smoke in the hotel.. do not hotbox it. Towel under the door, windows open, fans and incense. Use your head!!!!!

    EDIT: happy birthday!
  4. i was thinkin about just using the balc but my parrents and gonna have the next room over and they might see me
  5. i dont know about the reporting, we have smoked up many a hiltons and holiday inns and mariotts in my day. but that was traveling with a team and they prolly did not care, but i have answered the door with the bong on the desk and a layer of weed smoke with 5 peeps in the room, and they just hand the towels and go about thier business. the only time i had a problem was when my house was not ready during a move and stayed in a dinky 50.00 a night extened stay with the kitchenetts while my new house. they decided to clean up and found my grm of hydrocodone powder. the manager confisacted it and told me not to bring anything into the hotel anymore. he thought it was coke, i explained it was hydrocodone powder for mu hockey injuries, which it actually was, just not in pill form, pure powder, damn i wish i could get that again, wow i am rambling, sorry , blitzed!
  6. dam that guys a dick how much powder was it
  7. I smoked on the balcony at my hotel, was super awesome.

  8. 1 whole gram, i paid 200 for it, i was PISSED, but hey he did not call the cops, i just hope he OD'ed on it! Funny thing was the pipe with weed was untouched!
  9. you lucky you can get that kind of shit, here all we gots weed and heroin
  10. i hot boxed a hotel room once. well in one stayed it was pretty much hotboxed nonstop over a 2 day period was my sisters wedding. my room my grandparents room my dads room and my brother in law's rooms were all hotboxed. it was great we were all faded the entire weekend aside from the ceremony (though i was still pretty blazed for that :devious:) anyway we didnt get in trouble at all. went to breakfast stoned, got more pillows stoned, went swimming stoned. what a great weekend
  11. get a smokers room. most hotels ask for smoking or non smoking right?

    open the window, definatly definatly towel underneath the door just incase security walks around for any reason...

    if you can stop at a 711, grab an incense stick and light one just to be safe.

    and smoke a butt after, if you smoke cigs you know how well they do the job of coverin it up.
  12. Why don't you just go for a walk outside the hotel and find a private area to smoke? Why make things risky and difficult?
  13. In CA, I use a bong, open the window or balcony door, and spray some debreeze, and don't smoke near the front door.
    Or just sit on the balcony and hit the bing while I watch the beach
  14. Oh my heavens. That is quite the run on sentence, OP.

    In response to your question: Don't do it! The smoke is detectable.
  15. I wouldn't risk it. Like someone said earlier, take a walk, smoke then, then come back and enjoy the hotel.

    Think about it, you got tenants to your left, to your right, across from you, above you, and below you. I guess it's similar to a dorm.. but cops instead of RAs.

    My not so smart friends smoked a J in a hotel room and the cops were called by the hotel staff. They just flushed everything down the toilet just in time, but they still got fined, and kicked out of the hotel.

  16. LOL WTF

    you paid 200 for a gram of hydro powder??

    you realize some fucking kid took 2 pills, crushed them and sold them to you for 200 right?

    shitty hydros go for 5 bucks a pop here.

    way to get ripped

    on another note..

    yeah I wouldnt hotbox the room bro, if you got caught on your bday it would kinda ruin your day.. just kinda

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