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Hotboxing Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Thee Mushroom Man, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Ok so im smoking in my car, and the heat doesnt work.(dont ask why). Anyways i was hotboxing and im like half-baked(good movie) but my question is, if i was hotboxing in a car, with no heat, could i heat the car up with the smoke of the weed? How long would it take to get warm? i think im getting hypothermia
  2. [quote name="TheAnswer121" post="19365086" timestamp="1390084614"][​IMG]you win[​IMG][/quote]need answer sir por favor
  3. I doubt the heat from the smoke is gonna do much to warm you up. Time to put on some layers bud.
  4. [quote name="SantiagoDunbar420" post="19365145" timestamp="1390085190"]I doubt the heat from the smoke is gonna do much to warm you up. Time to put on some layers bud.[/quote]thats what i ended up doing, snow pants winter jacket gloves.
  5. Sorry homie! You're gonna need to smoke like an impossible amount of bud to keep the car "baked"--haha I made a punny. Huddle for warmth, no homo.
  6. That's the way to go. I'm about to go back to school in New Hampshire I'm looking at a few months of smoking outside almost exclusively time to get the puffy coat out lol
  7. Drive around a little with the heat on full blast before you park to do the deed, that's what I do. On another note though, depending on how much time you have to do it you could make the back seat or something a super massive chill zone with blankets and shit ! (and bundling up doesn't work)
  8. The heat doesn't work in his car.. Lol
  9. eh heh xD yeah i forgot as I was typing it
  10. Lol it's all good xD
  11. your body heat is going to provide more than any smoke. Maybe a degree per hour per person,  Depending on how cold it is

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