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Hotboxing is overrated

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. Hotboxing does nothing for you. All you're doing is breathing in exhaled stale THC-depleted air. I have hotboxed a few times, and I have never noticed getting any higher. I prefer some fresh air to tell you the truth, hotboxing just doesn't work.
  2. some may say that, but in truth, their is thc in the air. Unless u zero the hit, when u exhale, u still release a little amount of thc. Thats why shotguns are done as well, jus hot boxing is one step higher in that u don't have to do sh't, jus sit.
  3. If you had it your way, absolutely no THC would exit your lungs/blood when you exhale. However, this is pretty much impossible. There are techniques you can perform that will lessen the amount of THC in your exhalation however it will still be present. One of the ways we used to hotbox was we had an electric pipe. We would just sit in my Astro van and keep packing into the pipe and holding the button down. We just let the smoke spew out of the pipe and fill the entire van with smoke. After a while you could barely see your hand in front of your face. And upon exiting, we were all thoroughly baked. Of course this is not the most efficient way to smoke weed, but can be more enjoyable. I don't "not do" anything. I like to keep my smoking versatile. My home page lists techniques that can be performed which can increase efficiency, but also has others that will bring a more joyous experience depending on the situation while not necessarily increasing efficiency. I hope this changes your mind about never hot-boxing again because just typing this post is causing me to consider hotboxing something right now because now that I think about it, it's been quite a while. And like I said, I like to keep my smoking versatile. Thanks. I'll be back in a while after I go hotbox my truck. ;)


  4. when you take a hit your lungs only absorb (roughly) 65% of the THC in that hit... what do you think happens to the other 35%??? i love baking out my car (around here we say 'baking out' instead of 'hotboxing') :) but hey... to each his own... if ya don't like baking out a ride... don't... lol
  5. we call hotboxing smogging the car in dallas, and i love it. one of my favorite ways to smoke, by far. maybe its the good system, the driving while high..or maybe its just the fact the air in the car is filled with thc.. who knows
  6. hehe, tell that to my cat! his favorite thing to do is sit in our tiny ass bathroom with his momma and poppa (phishhead and i) and smoke a big phat joint.

    contact buzz for kitty, and he's happier than can be. everyone here is right, you do not absorb all the THC in a hit, unless you have lungs of iron and sit there w/ the hit inside you for a good... say 30 seconds i imagine?

    hotboxing might not get you ripped, but contact highs are contact highs and hotboxing is fun, mmkay? i remember college, when we'd cram about 6 people in a tiny closet. ah, the memories...

  7. i think hotboxing is just funny as hell. its hilarious to see how much smoke you can get in one "box" lol wather it does help the high or not..we had bunks in our apt one year so we tied sheets from the top on to the bottom, all tightened up and hotbox the bunkbeds hahahahahhaa never laughed so hard before!!
  8. heh heh, this thread made me think of the time six of us rolled up five joints that look like the one in xplicitcontents avatar out of a bunch of great trimmings, we went for a low ride and hotboxed the fucker like you wouldn't believe, the joints would hardly stay lit due to the lack of o2, we had to light and relight them in the glovebox, we could barily see out the windshield. wwhen we all got out, the smoke poured out for what seemed like five minutes. don't really know how long it was, i was compleatly baked. our eyes were so red it looked like they were bleeding. those were the good times, man i love papers on rolls.:)
  9. Sit down, put a big cardboard box over your body and head, light up a blunt...and prepare for the ultimate hot box
  10. this thread screams


  11. point made.
  12. plume exhaled
  13. ok im really stoned right now, and just as I was reading this I rember last night. I was laying in bed with a packed bowl, but I like getting really ripped before bed, so i pulled my blanket over my head, and formed a little chamber room inside the blanket and hot boxed the shit out of it. MAn i got so fucking ripped, I plan on doing it tonight too.
  14. boxing in a tent is hype! But hotboxing is a seldom event for me. I find my lungs get sooo congested from lack of oxygen and breathing in recycled thick air... needless to say... you get wrecked! Just hate when your buds dont let you out of the BOX... i would be dying for a breath of fresh air, all i get is a SUPER for sugesting it.

    On a nasty hot day, pull out the BBQ. Grab the thick plastic BBQ cover off of it and stand it up erect. Grab your fave bunning partner and sit under it and Blaze the fuck out!
  15. how does one go about 'bunning'?:D
  16. sorry my Toronto terminology!

    namely Scarborough for you Torontonians!
  17. i can spell either
  18. i love hotboxing, its totally off the hook if done correctly. Like find a car that you can:
    1)Blaze in
    B)Fit more then 6 people in
    then get a couple blunts/joints/and or bongs going at once, and once the car is having cheech and chong smoke action going, hit the A/C on recirculate, and jsut chill out. Then if you parked on a hill, and you have a standard transmittion, and room to roll backwards, make sure that everyone is geeking and chilled out and then put the clutch in and start rolling backwards and not tell anyone, and act normal. People will start freeking out, its totally crazy...
  19. Could somone please tell me what this hotbox thing is and how to i do this


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