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Hotboxing convertible?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zeb0, May 10, 2011.

  1. I let my mom borrow my car about 2 weeks ago, but her being a woman..she backed into a pillar and fucked up the back bumper and taillight.

    So while my cars getting fixed, she allowed me to use her Convertible mercedes which was just handed down to her from my uncle who smoked ciggarettes in the car everyday, with the top up. So its got that ciggarrette stained smell.

    You think itll be a problem to hotbox it..and then drive around with the top down for a good hour?
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  2. should be cool do itt
  3. Why are you hot boxing? It seems like in this scenario of all scenarios you could probably avoid the almost, if not entirely useless act of hot boxing.

    My faggotry aside, yeah an hour aught to do it. :p
  4. I enjoy hotboxing, because it makes me feel the satisfaction that i might possibly be getting higher :] i get what you mean though.
  5. I like hot boxing because when you see that your in the middle of a big cloud, it reminds you just how high in the sky you really are lol
  6. Yeah, and I like plugging butts with my dick cause they remind me of just how tight a pussy can be.

    All jokes aside I don't mind a hot box, I like doing them sometimes for fun. :cool:
  7. I love plugging butts with my dick too, I'm glad most girls have learned that anal is no big deal lol

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