Hotboxing a stationwagon anyone else done it

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smokemanybowls, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I have a legacy stationwagon and i am a firm believer that there is no type of car better to hotbox flip down the seats and have a little party in the back while still comfortable has anyone else done something to this effect
  2. I've never hotboxed a stationwagon, but I think the best things to hotbox are vans.
  3. i can see that and how it would be sick just kinda sketchy tho
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    best car I ever 2 person hotboxed was a ford tempo with bucket seats, EXCEPT the stupid seatbelts!, ruins the whole thing.

    back seat reserved for snacks,lol.

    But I do have a conversion econline van with 4 swivel seats and a rear bench/bed, mood lights and vinitian blinds,but I really like the smaller areas myself
  5. my pops is a volkswagen lover, and ever since i was about 6 or 7 we've had a 1971 411 station wagon..its actually pretty sick looking it was gonna be my car until i got the one i got now. anyways. for sure i boxed the damn thing
  6. i wanna hot box a smart car their so small and the hot bow will be incredible
  7. i don't smoke in my car but yes i have to agree wholeheartedly on the merits of owning a station wagon.
  8. Id have to say a nice conversion van. :cool:
  9. Alright I'm sorry but hands down the best car to hot box would be a burbon, I've owned my 98 suburban for about 4 years now and that thing is the fuckin bomb, you can put down the back seats and make the entire back into a floor, i put 4 bean bags in there and I have an illegal tint, hands down the best car to hot box ever invented :D
  10. Yeah, im gonna have to gree with the tinted out van/burban being the best cars to box in. Especially if you and who ur smoking with r just sitting posted on the floor

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