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Hotboxing a jeep?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by macYWF, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I have a plan to hoxbox my jeep with some friends and then take the top of it off to air it out, but I'm gonna do it in the garage and I'm worried that the smoke with seep through because its a soft top jeep. If anyone knows if the smoke will stay in that will be helpful! :D:smoking:
  2. I feel as long as you make sure it's zipped up tight you should be good, some may seep out though because Jeeps are not exactly airtight
  3. Haha softies suck for that, mine never even got foggy.
  4. I hot box my jeep (with a soft top) all the time. It works perfectly fine for me. I'm actually about to go rip the bong in it right now.
  5. If you're worried about smoke seeping out, how are you going to get out of the Jeep? :p
  6. drive the jeep out of the garage and ride around with the top off
  7. You do plan on keeping the jeep off while I. The garage right? I'm sure you do but you never know with people these days haha!
  8. I have a hardtop jeep TJ I never thought about taking the top off after hot boxing *facepalmd* that would have been a lot easier!
  9. hahah its really nice especially on a summer night
  10. Me and my buds used to hotbox my bros jeep when we were in high school. You'll definitely get that son of a bitch smokey as fuck.

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