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Hotboxing a boat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caboose, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. a friend of mind is coming to visit
    and i just cleaned the family boat
    if i hotbox the little cabin tonight will the smell
    be gone in the morning when i take it out?

    anyone have any good experiences with doing this
    cant wait to try it
  2. no the smell will stay down their unless u try to vent everything out then the smell could go out. ive done it on my friends boat and we left the doors closed and it reeeeked when we went outside.
  3. It depends. Is there a way to air that thing out? Is it a pontoon-like cabin, or is it under the main deck?

    How many people can fit?
  4. it fits maybe 4
    there are little windows
    and a big door
    and one biger window in the center roof

    if i leave em open will the smell stay?
  5. Heres the steps to ensure a good hottboxing experience

    1) Close and seal all doors and windows, make sure all vents are closed

    2) Hotbox the shit out of it **in your case NO blunts or joints**

    3) When you are finished smoking continue to talk and chill in your hottboxed
    area as long as you want (with all vents, windows, and doors still closed)

    4) When its time to leave, open all windows, vents, and doors, spray some fabreeze if available...

    5) Go boating the next day and have an awsome time (with a smell free cabin!)

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