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hotboxed in the Rain --Smell =)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fallenbuds, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. Hey it's been raining the past couple of days here and so me and some friends hotboxed my car.
    Anyway, it's still raining (for at least another day) plus it stays in a parking garage, so how should I air it out?

    My best friend who dosn't smoke + dosn't know I smoke is coming with me to a concert in 2 days and I need it weed-free by then =)
  2. if he is your best friend, dont you think you should tell them that you smoke weed?
  3. uhhhh just tell your best friend? weed is a pretty mundane issue these days, if you're best friend can't handle it then... i dunno
  4. Actually, it's a girl...I'm a girl too lol. And well I don't want her to hate me, you don't understand. I'm liberal and Buddhist (hippy stereotype it seems), and shes conservative...conservative Christian.

    This sounds bad but I only got to be friends with her when I entered college becuase she said she was down. Then (weed part out) I became better friends with her.

    She saw pills on my desk too (I pill very little) she keeps nagging like a parent holy shiz

    Should I just tell her than maybe but she prob will be pissed
  5. yes tell her. you shouldnt have to hide it from your BEST friend. shes not your husband.
  6. I know I can, I might...eventhough I know she will ditch me (you don't know her).

    Also, the cops come with there dogs to sniff out the cars in the parking lots with weed potentially in them.
    I hook people up sometimes so I kinda...need to get out the smell. It dosn't stay behind when it's just in the plastic becuase I put it in another thing but I can't get caught with more in there, and sometimes I need it in the car.
  7. Shouldn't hide it from your husband either lol..If any husband found out his girl was secretly smoking weed behind his back, he'd only be angry that she's been holding out on him. I think weed could be the secret to long lasting marriages lol. Me and my girlfriend have been together for two years, and we smoke.
  8. lol! ok ok and i dont got a husband but ya know

  9. weed helped my last relationship. unfortunately alcohol killed it.
  10. Thread title sounds like the perfect name for a song lol.
  11. drive around the parking garage with doors open and spray air freshner at the same time.
  12. leave some weed out in the open and when she asks be like yeah i smoke

    Smell will be gone in couple hours
  14. first off, I Love me some black Ice.
    we need to discuss some little tree technique. DONT OPEN IT ALL THE WAY. Read the directions. otherwise you will get a few days of black ice so strong you'll smell like it...then it'll die. Follow the directions on the back, or throw it under the seat.

    Second, take ur car to a gas station with a power vacuum. throw out all the trash and vacuum up any ash or extra smell. 2 days after all this and it'll smell just grand.

    If you have a sunroof, leave it open <inch and that might help too.
  15. sweet yea ill try that

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