hotboxed a tractor on my street

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  1. I hotboxed a digger tractor on my street, this is my msn convo to a friend so i just copied it to minimize the work i have to do , lol:

    xxxxxxx says:
    xxxxxxx says:
    xxxxxxx says:
    i rolled a 1.3 g spliff ( i bought a sclae so me an xxx can buy in bulk and than measure it out ) and than took it outside and saw all the tractors on my street because they're re doing the road, and i decided to go over and burn on one of the tractors. whe n iget there i tried to open one of the doors to one of the tractors and it was unlocked so i climbed in, and shut the door, and it was like
    an enlcoused bubble i was in, so i light it, and it gets going and gets pretty smokey and than i start cherrying it so it was going insane to the point where i couldnt see my hand a little under a half a foot away. so i was burning it with maybe 5 solid hits left and i realize i coudlnt see out the windows because it was so smokey, and THAN right at that time i hear the gravel shift and see like
    a lighted part of the window (headlights) and I TRIP because it gets lighter where you could see the smoke and maybe me but i coudnt see, like being inside a helmet lol, and they light stays there for a good couple of seconds , way to long it must of just ROLLLLLLLLLLED by me, i was so fucking scarred because the door is HUGE to open and it would just bellow out like a chimney with smoke
    so eventually the lights gone and i open the door, LEAVE my huge roach on the seat for the worker to smoke because it still had 5 hits left and wrote "smoke the roach" in the dust and dirt on the window/door thing
    and took an out door shower, went in hottub to smoke a bowl out of my bong to calm me down from the adrenline shock of being so scared, found cookies and came upstairs

  2. leaving the roach for the worker

    good karma for you!
  3. yeah! I thought it might brighten his day, and he'd do a better job on my road ; )
  4. I'm sure that construction worker is going to have a nice surprise waiting for him :D

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