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Hotboxed a random persons car

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SirMarijuana, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. So yea my friends and I just Hotboxed a random persons car. Left little bits of weed. Thoughts? Lol
  2. You smoked in someones car that you don't know?

  3. so like breaking into a car to hotbox?
  4. The car was unlocked on school property we are seniors
  5. That doesnt make you any less of an asshole. Not cool dude.
  6. takes balls...I guess? Kind of lame though

  7. You're a dick.
  8. you're a fucking asshole...
  9. i never understood the point of hotboxing on purpose.

    Breathing in a bunch of stale smoke and constantly talking about how cloudy the inside of the car was stupid imo.
  10. haha thats funny. but kind of dicky.
  11. Pretty good way to fuck up late in the yr. Don't do anything stupid, just graduate.
  12. Karma's a bitch. As I'm sure you will experience.
  13. grow up and respect other peoples shit.
  14. you're so fucking cool

    like, so fucking cool.
  15. this thread sucks. dont post in it.
  16. I hope it was a teachers car
  17. That's just strange, have some respect unless you're into people violating your personal property? Especially stinking it up and shit, I'm so glad I graduated high school a long ass time ago the maturity level was never something I could handle.
  18. Also, why did you leave weed in the car?

    Thats just asking for something bad to happen.

    Karma will get you.
  19. op: went w/ friends senior year got high in random car on school lot

    real life: went with friends in 10th grade snuck away from school, hid in the woods and drank a bottle of mouthwash that, unknowingly, was non alcoholic, decided o tell people that they got high and on walk back to school decided to say they did it in a random persons car.

  20. We only left a little bit of bud.

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