Hotbox idea

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by shank, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I JUST THUOGHT OF can hotbox.....................Inside a full face motorbike helmet...:smoke::hello:
  2. And it just hit me..right..
    You can get a second one,,,,,for another person and connect them visor to visor with that movable plastic tubes like pipes...and hotbox those fuckers..damn man
  3. or u can use a bong and not waste so much time? :hello::smoke::smoke:
  4. i one time hot boxed a boat in public down by the bay. took a tarp, found one pulled up, pulled the tarp over and tucked it a little, sat down with my friend and burned a rather large blunt. a few people walked by but they didn't do anything
  5. I also did that. It was at a mall outside where they keep the boats. We wanted to smoke bad while we grab some things so we went into a boat, put the tarp back and hotboxed the fuck out of it. Then we heard someone coming and booked our asses back inside the mall lol

    i recommend everyone to try hotboxing their boat with a tarp over it
  6. Do it and make a youtube video.
  7. Im gona make a box with a neck hole so i can put a joint in my mouth and close the box and just puff awaylol
  8. It's been done. By me.
  9. The best one so far from my time reading this forums is jumping in a full size swimming pool and creating a vacuum over your head with a kiddie pool

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